BABALA sa mga balak bumooking!

I cannot claim to  KNOW everything there is to know about HIV and AIDS, I am no expert, but knowing the basics helps a lot:
  • HIV is not curable (for now). There are meds to help one who is poz, but it doesn't get rid of the virus.
  • AIDS is not the virus, it's a condition. Can it kill? Not exactly, but it can make the body so weak and vulnerable to fatal complications.
  • HIV can be passed in several ways: blood transfusion, from poz mom to her kid, and UNSAFE sex.
  • In the Philippines today, 4 new HIV infections are diagnosed EACH DAY. That's 120 people in a month, that means by the end of the year there will be roughly 1,400 NEW HIV infections on top of the 5,400 ++ reported since 1984
  • HIV infection is more common (but NOT EXCLUSIVE) among gay men (or as the politically correct term: men having sex with men)

HIV is not just some scary urban legend, it is as real as the dick hanging on our crotches (well for the girls, it's your pechay).

Another thing that is REAL is that it is in our nature to be horny and to fuck (let's just call it what it is). And no amount of control can ever get rid of the animal inside us. (some people might disagree, I say to each his own).

All I'm saying is this: we cannot stop each other from fucking. There is no point in pretending that we can. What we can do is do it in a SAFE way.

And most of all KNOW YOUR STATUS. It is better to know if you are Positive than go around spreading the virus unknowingly or WORSE, go on living without doing something about your condition.

Take the test NOW. There are LOTS of places that offer HIV tests FOR FREE.

If you're doing it for the first time and is REALLY uncomfortable ask a friend for help. If not, you can contact the AIDS Society of thee Phils at:

Or you can also check out this site.

The photo above was taken by Niccolo Cosme for his Project Headshot Clinic. To know more about it, please visit their website. To view the HSC photos, check them out in HSC's facebook fan page.

Also, support UNAIDS and the fight against HIV.

Spread the word. Get tested today.

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