Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Is being funny your defense mechanism of choice? Do you feel like humor is the gay man's weapon against loneliness? And if you had a choice between being funny or being with someone you loved, ano ang pipiliin mo?

YOU DIDN'T!!!! :p

OK. macro to micro mode: I think in general, humor is the gay guy's weapon not just against loneliness but against the challenges of living in a hetero-normative society. As Kit would say, NO ONE is safe from Gay Sass!

On MY defense mechanism... I think it's weird that I'm made to psycho-analyse myself. hahahaha! Humor is my weapon and shield; it's defense and offense at the same time. Humor let's me smite the unfabulous and keep the curious from getting near these tall pink walls.

Is it a weapon against loneliness? HELL YEAH! Moping about being single will not help me, might as well get a laugh out of it! Magkaron man ako ng wrinkles, at least galing sa smile lines :p

On the last question: I find it a little absurd... one can go well with the other. But if ur saying that if a potential lover will only take me if i stop being candid and flip then I'd say I'll stick with humor coz THAT relationship is not gonna go well. Whoever he is is not ready for ALL THIS JELLY



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