Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I came from another party, a post-Christmas Becky Gathering of friends. I was already loaded with a shot of Rose Tequilla, Coffe Patron, White wine, Red wine, Dry Champaigne, and Black Russian (aka Vodka + Jack) as we headed off to OBar in Home Depot, Ortigas

It was, supposedly, just one of those night outs that you just wanna spend with friends boozing and dancing... KEYWORD: Supposedly!

We got there at 2am, in the middle of a drag performance. We decided to hit the bar and get each one a round of booze.

As soon as the strobes hit, we were already jumping and dancing like crazy!!! Was it the mixture of odd spirits and a hodge podge of yummy post-Christmas food? I don't really know...

I can no longer remember how it all started, all I remember was that we were all dancing and next thing we were all MAKING OUT!

CRAZY! Some part of me was screaming "No no no no!!!" But as one of us was shouting "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!!!" I was, like, "Fuck it! Why not?!?!?! It's just a kiss, it's not as if we're getting married!"

And there you go! All inhibitions lost, lips were on lips... then mouths opening, sucking each other... tongues exploring each others' mouths... mmmmm.... it was sooo wrong in several ways if THINK about it but felt REALLY good. Thank god no one was thinking REALLY! Now I know who's the REALLY good kisser! YUMM!!!

I think at that point the crowd was just staring at us as we were routinely kissing each other... in pairs... then in threes... I think we even got to a four way...

I don;'t know what came over me, I gues I was just soooo in the moment that in the middle of a hot kiss my  hands just went for it and GROPED everything that can be squeezed... Next thing I was grabbing someone's ass, fondling someone's crotch... AND WOAH!!! Someone's fondling my ass as well as I hold the kisser's neck, back, licking their necks.... sucking their ear lobes...

And amidst all that we were dancing to the music like crazed homos on a sexual warpath!

I no longer knew what kind of dance I was doing... all I know was that my hands were all over my body... someone's arms were around my waist... someone's hands were holding mine, fingers intertwined.... someone's lips were on my neck, licking... and someone's crotch was growing as it rubs against my ass!!!


That was so fucking hottt!!!!

Then faggots around us were pulling us apart: An affam+chink gay couple got our chinkey friend and was trying to make out with him... (at the same time)

Another guy pulled another one of my friends... made out with him... then pulled another friend and made out with him as well!!!

Another friend had me on a liplock... tongue searching my mouth like a hungry hippo....another friend joined in and were making out in threes...

The music was pumpin!

The Go Go Boys grinding!

The alcohol was in my blood!

My senses do not know which is which and who is who... Then the hottest guy (I think) in the room came to me. He kissed me smack on the lips and we were on a lip lock on what seemed like forever.

Man, can he kiss!!! I don't know how it happened but suddenly he had his fingers up my ripped jeans and he was fondling my cock through them! Man, was he hot!!!

He lifted his shirt and all I can feel is muscle!! DAMN he was TIGHT!!!! Pecs! ABS!!! and his skin so smooth.... the "treasure trail" soooooo tempting, leading my hands down... down... DOWN!!!

Oh god, he was sucking the life out of me. He was licking my mouth, sucking my tongue, and all the while groping my entire body...

I don't exactly know how it happend but next thing I know, my shirt was lifted, a lips, mouth, tongue met with my nipples! My jeans got unzipped, hand goes down my pants... then my undies... fingers were around my cock (which was getting bigger and harder by the moment)! Then someone's hand went down by backside, squeezing both cheeks!!!!


I was the star of the orgy and I'm in the middle of the dance floor!!!!

And they left me there... cock hard, hanging out of my torn jeans and Mr Abs Guy, sitting at the bar, beckoning me to come over....

I couldn't zip my fly... it was far too big and ANGRY to be contained.... I came over and immediately we started making out...

"Taga saan ka?"

"Pasig. kaw?"


"Tangna gusto kitang i-fuck!"


He grabbed my jeans by the belt loops, lifted my whole weight spread my legs right then and there at the bar and started dry humping me!!!


And all the while we were making out, my fly unzipped and my throbbing cock rubbing against his rock hard abs!!!!


And we stopped! Mr Abs Guy was called by his friends...

Like a whore I started dancing (cock back in undies but apparently jeans still unzipped... other guys came over... and we started making out....  Again they're hands going inside my ripped jeans!!!


I don't really know who I was kissing... was it one of my friends... was it one of Mr Abs Guys friends?

I remember that I also made out with the couple who wanted to take home cute chinkey friend... and I remember I also made out with the guy who wanted to take home TWO of my friends...

I just saw one of them dancing WITH A GIRL!!!! WTH!!! CRAZEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

And then another friend was back, my god he was such an AWESOME KISSER I seriously wanna make out with him when I'm sober!!!!

Mr Abs Guy approached us and started making out with Good Kisser friend... of course hindi ako papatalo.

While grinding to the song, I pointed a finger at him and motioned for him to come over....


He raised his shirt and I started licking his abs and nipples on the dance floor!!! SHET ANG SARAP LANG!!! POTAH!

He grabbed my ass and whipped me around, He had my ass resting on his already ANGRY crotch, with his other hand he took my face and started sucking my mouth, sucking my tongue... me sucking his lips. his mouth on my neck... I grabbed his free hand and put on my waist... he knew what to do... fingers crept down my undies and he started fondling my cock!!!!


He whipped me around again, and surprisingly, he was able to lift both my legs, place both of them on his hips and started dry humping me as he tries to get rid of my pants,,,

And there I was in the middle of OBar Ortigas, one hand on the cocktail table, other hand on Mr Abs Guy's neck as we sucked the life outt my mouth and he tries to rip my jeans and fuck me!!!!



And as proof of the prize, here's a shot of my jeans, with the hole expanded for more cock exposure action:

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  1. epic ngaaaaa! i wish i was there to witness you in action!


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