Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Excited Beki for Headshot Clinic

I got a very exciting email yesterday:

You read it right bitchez! I'm gonna be part of Niccolo Cosme's Headshot Clinic 4!!! yey!

Of course I'm super excited to be shot by Niccolo Cosme! I mean, have you seen his works? BRILLIANT! One day when I'm old and not-so-fresh anymore I'd look back at my Niccolo Cosme photo when I was 27 23 and tell my grand kids, "Kala, nyo mabenta dati tong baklang to, oh check niyo! KABOG!"


Kidding aside, this also means a lot to me.

See more than a year or so ago, I decided to get hold of my life, that was then at a downward spiral, and by some fortunate coincidence, I bumped into the right people and stumbled upon things that would (and I say this rather prematurely) have probably set me on the right direction towards the fulfillment of my journey.

Headshot Clinic was one of those things that had a really big impact on me.

This was the first time I participated in HSC, read about it here.

Anyway, this week is gonna be real busy so I'll probably leave things here.

More things are coming up and I'm just excited for everything to unravel. :)


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