Friday, October 7, 2011

I Wanna be a Pole Diva

Alam naman nating lahat na pangarap kong magtayo ng Parlor na nagiging Comedy Bar sa gabi...

Pero since wala pa akong kaalaman sa pag-aayos ng buhok at ang tanging muk-ap na alam ko ay pang-DRAGona, ipa-park ko muna yang pangarap na yan at pagtuunan muna natin ng pansin yung mga mejo mas abot kamay...

Tulad ng maging isang pole dance drag performer!!!


Well, y'all know the first few times that I tried Pole dancing with the Polecats, I've blogged about it HERE and has been posting about it non-stop on Tumblr and Twitter, and Facebook....

It's such a fun experience that when they opened up an an actual workshop in August, I didn't have any qualms about enrolling!!!

Well, I've posted photos here and there and micro-blogged abut the whole experience but I've never really dealt with it with one go.

Eh last Saturday, during yoga, AJ (the only guy in polecats) mentioned that he'll be teaching Men's Pole this Novemeber!!!

HOW cool is that!?!?!?

So now I'm back to my Post-pole Withdrawal syndrome and am having Pole Fantasies whenever I see street signs and lamp posts... Fantasies that involve mostly climbing them and inverting and doing stunts AND NOTHING dirrtyyy!!! Let's leave that to the poles in Bed, Malate! bwahahahaha!!!


Yan daw ang tamang tawag sa workshop namin. NOT Men's Pole "Dancing"

Bawal kumontra kei? Kung may pagtutol, pwes, dalin mo yan sa klase at gumawa ka ng Side Mount-Spider Man-Flagpole-Brass Monkey-Mermaid Drop. Pag nagawa mo yun sa unang subok pa lang fine, payag ako.

Hindi sya Pole Dancing coz, much to the chagrin of my pokpok self, walang hair toss, hair flip, kendeng, at strip tease involved. (sad but hey, I do it on a daily basis anyway, so keri lang!)

Truth be told, it felt more like acrobatics and gymnastics!

Lifting weights on a well-structured machine is one thing... but lifting your whole body weight on nothing but a vertical pole is something else!

Hndi biro ang mag-shoulder mount (na BTW, kaya wala kong pic kasi di ko siya magawa)

That's one of my classmates, Richmond Sia, a Muay Thai instructor. He's around 200lbs (you can tell) and he can do THAT! Imagine how much core strength it requires to pull 200lbs off the ground with nothing but your shoulder and hands holding on to a pole!!!

And that's Doc Jon, anesthesiologist by day, pole and yoga diva on the side. Mas mataray si ate o, legs in 90 degrees pa! tseh.

Ako, well, natapos ang workshop na hindi ko ngagawa ang shoulder mount. My abs are made of jelly!

On our very first day, I was only able to do the Spider-Man (coz it was taught na during the 1-day Men's Workshop) and the flagpole:

This is relatively easy for me to do coz the forearms are more engaged. 50% of the weight is on my arm and my core is just basically lifting my legs

The whole workshop was all about different ways of mounting the pole. Obviously, it's kind of a basic move and a foundation for succeeding pole moves. I mean, how can you do tricks up the pole if you can't climb it right?

That's Doc Jon about to do a Spider Man (I think) after doing a Chinese Pole Mount (thingy, I don't think I'm getting the names right). I love this shot. Sobrang relax lang. Feeling mo pwede syang shumombey sa pole maghapon lol!

I couldn't get the side mount and the shoulder mount, but I was one of the few who was able to do the Iguana and the Brass Monkey. Don't hate me, I'm just proud of my accomplishments! lol Kapag na-try mo mag-pole at may nagawa kang bongga, magiging proud ka din, for sure!

The course also covered a lot of inversions... They really wanted us to get used to the feeling of having our feet off the ground and having EVERYTHING turned upside down.

That's me attempting to do a candle stick

And that's the Iguana.

There was also this, I kinda fear for my spine, looking at this shot.

That's Michael, inverting and mounting is so easy for this guy! Sya na ang FIT! Nakakaines he can even do hand stands!!! WITHOUT THE WALL!!!

Anyway, that's what pole is all about, right? The amazing tricks are always the ones that are NOT "normal" - we don't normally have our feet flying in the air. And being able to do it makes it more awesome. The more unusual looking it is, the more amazing it seems. But that's just me :p

After the mounting and the inversion, the hardest part comes: THE LETTING GO!

Oh Lady GaGa (I don't wanna involve God so pop icons na lang), I had such a funny story. So I was inverted, hanging on the pole with nothing but my hands and one ankle, like this:

Then CD, our teacher and the founder of Polecats, says "OK... let go of one foot"

So I do this:

Then she goes, "OK... let go of the OTHER foot"

At which point I started panicking  and kinda screeched "WHICH FOOT!?!?!"

And my classmates go, "Alin pa ba? E di the one that's on the pole! Ilan ba paa mo, tatlo?"


And then I slipped! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAA

The amazing thing is once you get over the FEAR you'll actually be able to pull off the stunt:

(Derrick doing a Spider-man, letting go of the pole and just CLINGING with his feet and armpit!)

And possibly, even manage to look graceful:


Feeling mo madali lang? Sige... labas ka, punta ka sa pinakamalapit na poste... tapos maglambitin ka. Try mo muna gawin. Balitaan mo ako kung kinaya mo ulit-ulitin ng isang oras TSE!


I tried going to the gym before (back in 2009). It didn't last. To me it was more of a chore than a work-out. I only lasted for as long as I did coz of the Spinning class. The whole lifting weights, running on the treadmill, the abusive GX instructor (maybe minalas lang) is NOT my thing.

Well, the steam room and the sauna and the shower is my thing but it's a totally different story! bwahahahahaha!!!!

Feeling ko talaga pinaparusahan ako dati pag naggi-gym ako. Also, I felt like it's not money well spent. Coz I get out of the gym NOT feeling happy nor was I excited going to it. I didn't feel REWARDED with the regular gym routine

SO there. I stopped

So now I found yoga. and I've been doing it religously for around 10 months now an I don't plan to discontinue it EVER.

I guess I found the same REWARD in pole dancing as I have in yoga: being swept off your feet, deliberately flinging yourself upside-down, putting yourself in a rather compromising situation... AND YET all the while LEARNING not just the stunt but also some essential tricks that one brings outside the studio: To let go of the fear, trust in yourself, and know that everything will be fine. Only then was I able to see the FUN in what I was doing. Goes the same way for life itself.


That much I can assure you. The pictures you see are worth 4 Saturdays of doing it endlessly for one hour.

It wasn't always a pretty sight. A lot of times we fall (too much and too carelessly much to CD's disapproval. hahaha)

But we get up, dust ourselves off, laugh it off and try again.

The good thing about this class was that there was always someone there to support you. give you words of encouragement,

...push you to be better,

... and most especially, you have people who will goof off with you

...and will take your photos for posterity, documentation, and good old cam-whoring

Sabi nga namin ng mga classmates ko, we have managed to do the tricks with some level of dignity.... this time around, we'll try to do them with GRACE (Lady GaGa help us!)

So if you think that Pole is just for girls, well those little ladies are a lot more stronger than you think they are.

And if you think that Pole is just for gay men, well, only if that means gay men are a lot more stronger and capable than our hetero counterparts...

I'm definitely looking forward to the November Class!

Join na din kayo mga becklings!!!

Here's an episode of Polecats TV featuring the Men's Class

*     *     *

PHOTO CREDITS: Sorry nakalimutan which was from which but the pics are a combination of photos from Polecats' FB album, and my Pole Diva classmates Doc Kit and Doc Jon


  1. I love it!!!

    "labas ka, punta ka sa pinakamalapit na poste... tapos maglambitin ka." - winner!!

    I looked like an idiot laughing alone while reading your post because I so can relate to your experience and the way you describe it is so funny

    You are so strong! Looking forward to seeing your progress on your next pole sesh!

  2. @Hannah: Chenkyu teh! mwahness!!!

    Sadyang ganitech pang maligalig at makulit ang kaisipan! bwahahahahaahha

    I'm excited for the next workshop too!!! will definitely be posting updates :D :D :D


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