Wednesday, October 5, 2011

JOIN the Living Positively + Living Well Movement

O di ba ang ku-cute nila? Ang sasarap pagkukurutin sa singit!!! bwahahahaha!!!

Nalalapit na ang World AIDS Day kaya ang Yoga For Life ay may pakulo para labanan ang HIV & AIDS.

The group is taking on the cause/issue in the manner that they know best... which is by sharing positive energy within the community, encouraging everyone to face these issues with a positive outlook in life regardless of HIV status - whether to stay negative and have a positive attitude towards HIV prevention or to face being HIV Positive with an optimistic approach on their health and life.

A little bit of good vibes goes a long way. So Yoga For Life is asking everyone to share their stories on how to live a positive life.


If you think happiness is all about just having the best things in life come to you, then you probably are the type of person who gets stressed out whenever something doesn’t go according to plan.

You know what this means—stuff like, missing the train or the bus during rush hour, spilling coffee on your new shirt, getting a flat tire during a long road trip.

Or maybe, something as serious as finding out your best friend is HIV-positive. Or maybe, even you.

Whatever problems you have for the moment, cheer up—Yoga For Life, the first ever community-based yoga class series designed for people affected by HIV in different ways, wants you to take on a personal mission to live a happy, well-rounded life. The yogis and yoginis from Yoga For Life encourages you to begin your own advocacy to live with a positive outlook, and sharing that positivism to the world—which you can start by helping others use love and happiness against HIV.

“We at Yoga For Life wish to challenge everyone to imbibe the spirit of living positively and living well in our newest awareness campaign,” says Charmaine Cu-Unjieng, Yoga For Life co-founder.

Through Yoga For Life’s “Living Positively + Living Well” movement individuals from all walks of life are called to add their voice to the growing number of advocates rallying for positivism and against HIV.

To do this, the group will be conducting a two-part open photoshoot on October 22 and 29 at the Pioneer Studios, Mandaluyong City to capture each individual stories and advocate, The photos and stories shared in this event will be featured in a photo exhibition, which will coincide with the Pride March.
Participants in the open photoshoot will get their professionally-shot portraits by photographer Noel Abelardo and a special Yoga for Life “Living Positively + Living Well” shirt. During the event, specially-trained peer counselors from The Love Yourself Project (TLYP) will offer free counseling as well.

Proceeds to the event will be used for further skills training of YFL members as they expand their program to reach more people affected by HIV.

“With this movement, we want to inspire people everywhere to live and spread a positive, healthy outlook in life—whatever circumstances they are in,” ends Yoga for Life co-founder Paulo Leonido.

To participate in Yoga For Life’s “Living Positively + Living Well” movement, or for any inquiries regarding the event, contact Charmaine Cu-Unjieng at 0917 540-4247, or Paulo Leonido at 0917 388-9658. You may also post your queries at their facebook page, Visit for more information.
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PS: Shempre hindi ako magpapakabog di ba? Photoshoot eh! LOL

so ayan, rumampage akyembang!

Although shempre choice ko yan, di nyo naman kelangan mag-DRAGA para jumoinsung kei? :p

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