Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Beksena Part 1: Tatot's Trick of Treat

Yeah, so I haven't been actively blogging for the past... um... 2/3 weeks?

After a week-long Breathing and Meditation Workshop, had amazingly busy weekends what with volunteering for Yoga For Life's Open Photoshoot and... yes, you guessed it prepping for Halloween!

For the past few weeks your beckness went on a trip to Divisoria (with experts guidance, of course, otherwise baka hindi na ako nakauwi. hahahaha. chos lang), spent weeknights sewing, while juggling equally brain-draining work.

Buti na lang may yoga, I don't know how I could've survived the past week.


Feeling ko ito na yun, eh! Ito na ang culmination ng aking pagiging AWOL sa blogosphere...


This year I had two Halloween costumes for 2 Halloween Occassion: (1) Office Trick Treat w/ Tatot, and (2) Black Party Beksena


Ironically, the office theme is very feminine! SHET!!! I soooooooo wanted to do Ursula

or Snow White's Evil Queen:

BUT since there will be children around (not to mention Tatot) ayoko sanang gulantangin ang childhood nila with a Glamified Draga Look.. So instead I decided to look a bit more on the mannish side:

The only make-up I have on are in my bilbil to create an illusion of abs! hahahaha (madaming nabulag yan! wag apihin! lol)

AND LOOK! sobrang cute namin ni Tatot:

This is actually the first time in a long time that I had any respectable public torso exposure so ayan.. pagbigyan na, kei?

I was on full Mother-mode last friday since bitbit ko si Tatot sa office. Lumabas ang aking motherly gene lol

Supposed to walk in the office in super cute matching outfits:

Kaso nasa Buendia flyover pa lang kame, sumuka na si Tatot :(


Pero Zen mode tayo... actually nakakaawa ung bata kasi lupaypay siya pagod... at umaga pa lang yun ah!

So ayan, May bitbit akong batang basa ng suka sa gitna ng Ayala. Buti na lang bukas na ang Starbucks 6750 so nakapagbihis pa si Tatot. Naka-recover naman sya agad, CHocolate Cake lang ang katapat. lol

Sobrang excited si tatot pumunta sa office, alam mo naman ang bata, very eager with new experiences :D KYUT KYUT KYUT!!!!

He was even showing me his new dance moves (Teach me How To Dougie) that he wante dto show everyone in the office. hahahahaha!!

He was sooo well-behaved too (well at least nung umaga). One of my officemates drew a dragon for him and he just sat there coloring it. :)

Photo and drawing by Rozzaine Bucu (SOBRANG GALING MO TEH!)

Obviously, he was also excited to put on his costume... so we dressed up at aorund 11am... then at lunch time, Tatot tells me, "Bey, gusto ko ng Chicken Joy..." PATAY! The nearest Jollibee is outside our building along Ayala Avenue!!!

Deadma na! GOW!

Rampa kaming dalawa ni Tatot in the middle of the day in our costumes! hahahaha!

It was a challenge TRYING to work on an urgent prezo while Tatot is around. Obviously, all my attention was on him.

Here's some more photos from last Friday:

Tatot was playing hide and seek with the devil guard! lol

It's not a Kid's Party w/o Jollibee! The funny thing is that they look sooooo much alike! lol

Bad Parenting: I let Tatot eat his Sundae. tsk tsk tsk! LOOK AT THAT! takaw!

Later towards the end of the day tatot found some playmates and they spent the whole afternoon running around, rolling on the floor, screaming, playing hide and seek!


Hindi ako yung naglaro pero nakaka-ubos ng energy ang magbantay ng mga bata.

Despite that It was sooo much fun spending an entire day with Tatot :D Lakas maka-GV ng kids. Iba ang energy nila. Nakakatuwa lang

BTW, I kinda had my moment with Jollibee... sorry I can't help it, he had such an infectious smile lol

*     *      *

Abangan ang Halloween Beksena Part 2!!!


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