Monday, October 17, 2011

Excuse Letter ni Mother Vekler

OK I'm just gonna do a quick one while the bosses are not in the area :p

I wasn't able to update The Becky Broadcast last week and it looks like I won't be able to post anything new this week as well.

The Mother Vekler doesn't have the time, my becklings! My hands are so full and sorry to disappoint you, they are not busy from all that hand jobs :( lol

Anyway, last week, I took this Breathing and Meditation Workshop with The Art of Living Foundation through Yoga For Life. What? Me? Meditation?

Sounds crazy right? Anyway, I know this stuff is waaaayyy too serious for The Becky Broadcast so I'll prolly write about it in my other blog, Pieces of Wisdom and Shit which contains all my reflections (whenever I feel like writing about them anyway)

It was a very enlightening course. Definiely something worth taking and I prolly would take Part 2 as soon as it's up.

But I digress... point of the matter is, the workshop took most of my free time during the weekday that I don;t have time to blog na. It ate up the good half of my Saturday so... there

Those are my classmates and our teacher, Tessa Celdran, and Charmaine Cu-Unjieng President of Yoga For Life. photo by Duds Ignacio

This has been a VERY busy weekend (but enjoyed every single minute of it). There was yoga after Meditation Workshop...

Then I had to buy DRAG STUFF for Halloween

Then Sunday I had to do my weekly grooming (Yes, I am high maintenance like that)

And make some QT with my mother and Tatot so we shopped for a bit

Then it was off to RCBC for Next To Normal (Which I will also write about separately)

Then We had to fly to Philamlife Theater @ UN Ave for Polarity by Polecats Manila feat Parkour Philippines and Manila Symphonic Orchestra (which deserves it's own post as well)

That's Duds, Me, Kit, Sally, and Winlove

There's Happy right there who was MIA in the previous group photo

And before I knew it it was already 11pm and my eyes are begging for sleep.

That weekend didn't feel like a weekend at all.

Anyway, I promise to catch up on my blogging this week... hopefully. Coz my schedule's filling up so fast. gaaaaahhhhh.

Anyway, do LIKE The Becky Broadcast on FB for shorter more frequent updates :)

That's it for now.


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