Saturday, March 5, 2011

May readers pala talaga ako, noh?

I was helping out a friend in a book launch several weeks ago. I was talking to Kai about my "Brahmin" look for the event (I was actually making fun of myself, as usual. hahaha) when she introduced me to JC, the marketing guy of Fully Booked. And he asked me (I think) "Ikaw si Oliver Loyola of the Becky Broadcast? I read your blog!"

Shet, natameme ako for a while at nawala ang aking mga witty remarks! Nakakaloka, may nagbabasa pala talaga ng blog ko!

As it turns out, JC is also a blogger (he's the guy behind The Man Beauty Department) and he so kindly featured my Brahmin outfit in his blog:

photo grabbed here
Thanks JC!

* * *

Then just last night this cute guy I met in PR (well, no, we haven't actually met yet - but I mean, you know, met him there) messaged me and said that he stumbled on my blog and that napatawa siya sa Commuter Cuties.

heeheehee. Nakakatuwa lang.

* * *

Back when I was new to blogging, I wrote this bit about gender bending. and posted this video i found:

Imagine my surprise and DELIGHT when yesterday morning I woke up to find a message in FB from no other than Amnesia Sparkles herself (or her very cute alter ego Adrian)!

A told me (in so many kind words) that he stumbled upon my blog and that he wanted to say thanks and hi!

Potahshet kinikilig ako! hahahaha

Check out his blogs:

* * *

I started blogging back in 2009. I was (considerably) an invalid for 2-3 months, unable to stand up, or sit down. I had nothing to pass the time but my laptop (then an HP Pavillion, I miss her na) and some good old internet connection. It was my ex who gave me the idea of doing my own blog (as a joke and a challenge) ... so here I am.

Whenever I write something, I still feel like I'm just talking to myself, hence the no-holds-bar things that I write. I guess that's why, up until now, it still feels a little surreal whenever people tell me that they read my blog. And whenever they do, di ko alam kung mahihiya ba ako or matutuwa knowing all the shit I put out there :p

Still, very grateful that people share my stories and craziness with me.

Love you all!

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