Thursday, March 10, 2011

Dreams about Exes never turn out good

WARNING: This post is rather graphic and a little disturbing. Read with discretion

We were in some sort of dorm - pretty similar to the one I used to stay in back in college. We were sleeping side by side in our bed.

I was awoken by a boner and my ex playing with it. “Be,s&x tayo.” he said. I turned my back to him and we started frothing fooling around. Potashet and hot lang! He still knows his stuff. When he was just about to dip it in, I said, “suot ka ng condom.”

“Bakit?” sabi niya, galit, “Hindi naman tayo nagco-condom dati ah!”

SIDEBAR: This, by no means, encourage anyone to practice unsafe sex. Personally, I won’t do it with someone unless I see test results that he’s clean. See post about this here

“Hindi na tayo, hindi ko na alam kung san na nanggaling YAN, kaya… condom”

He started laughing. It was a mean evil laugh. His eyes were gleaming and his laughter filled the little room. “Bakit, kala mo ba ikaw lang ang ka-sex ko dati?”

POTAH! Nagpanting ang tenga ko, “ANO!?!?!”

Dumungaw kami sa labas ng bintana, maraming dumadaan na lalaki. He started pointing at some of them, indicating who he has slept with, who he has bottomed for WHEN WE WERE STILL TOGETHER.

I was outraged! FACK FACK FACK!

We were screaming at each other now, I can no longer remember the things we said but there was a lot of anger, a lot of shouting. I was puffed up with indignation and outrage! How can he do that to me? And I was such a fool believing that in the 2 years we spent together, despite our many arguments and mishaps, we were, at the very east, LOYAL.

And now a year after we broke up, he slaps me in the face with infidelity.

I went to a very small closet and pulled out all of his shit and started throwing them at him. He was laughing madly, eyes big and ablaze oozing with meanness. His laughter was deafening

I was walking on a road, much like UPD’s Acad Oval, under one of the trees is Happy, she’s with her friends, busy with something I cannot recognize. With them is one of the guys I’m crushing on (Haha, I won’t name names na lang :p). He was sitting in one of the tree roots looking absolutely cute in the midday sun. I was just about to rant about what happened when there he was again, my ex. And this time, he was lying down with his head on my crush’s lap, being slutty and caressing my crush all over.

He was looking very mean and smirking at me.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I lost all control and pulled out my small bedroom mirror (I don’t quite know from where) and with its sharp corner, I started stabbing him in the gut, I stabbed him with all the anger, the hate, and the all the shit he put me through; for fucking up our relationship, for intentionally screwing everything so that I would be the one to break it off, for being such a coward. I stabbed him till his intestines were hanging out of his belly. As a final volley, I smashed the mirror on his head.

He was dead. But his eyes were still mean and they were still gazing at me. His cruelty will not end even after his death.

I hated him even more. The anger was just overpowering, it engulfed me completely.

I realized, then, that my ex was just made of cardboard. SO I tore his face off and with my lighter, I set him on fire. For a moment I watched as the flames lick his body and knowing that that’s only foreplay he’ll ever get now.

Happy, her friends, and my crush were there watching, and very much non-reactive.

I walked out on all of them

It was then that I woke up, my lashes glued together from the mascara I forgot to remove the night before.


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