Thursday, March 3, 2011

Blogging hiatus is over!!!

Some of you guys might have noticed that my blog wasn't getting updated as often as it used to.

To those who are interested to know, my old lappy (Dell Inspiron 1440) got so much porn it broke down gave up on me last year right before Christmas!

So for the past month or two, I've been using my mobile to surf (gaaaaaahhhhhhh kaloka sa liit) or, kung di na talaga makatiis, I go to the nearest quietest Net Cafe. Haaay so Poorita.

I'm so happy to bring y'all the news that those days are finally over coz now I've got a new lappy to replace my old Dell:

I'm soo lovin its brush metal finish and the minimalizt design (I don't have the actual photo, di ako magaling kumuha ng product shots :p)

It's still just a netbook (definitely no match to my Dell in terms of speed and power) but it's definitely fairly decent for a netbook. I love that it's 12 inches. I think I'd die of squinting with a 10" screen. Alam niyo naman ang lola niyo, always the SIZE QUEEN hahahaha!

I'm yet to subject it to the my normal laptop abuse though, I think, after going through 2 laptops (both of them suffering from major motherboard breakdowns) it's time I change my habits of laptop-use, right?

Here's to going back to downloading porn blogging! CHEERS!

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