Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kwentong Booking 009: The Concerned Booking

Habang nasa gitna ng isang booking (dating dati pa, kei?):

Siya: kailan ang huli mong booking (not the actual term he used coz I can't use THAT wurd here :p)

Me: ah- ah- uh-uh... HA?!? (in my head) What-the? What do you care who I sleep with?

Siya: Kailan nga huli mo? at sino?

Me: uhmmm... ikaw... (it wasn't our 1st time. And it would be VERY VERY sluttish of me to tell him up front that he's just one of... basta one of..)

Siya: Hindi nga... (sabay smile)

Me: ah-ah, uh-uh... oo...

After ng booking...

Siya: Nag-enjoy ka ba?

Me: ... o.O (habang nagbibihis) ... yeah... (in my head) concerned ka?

Siya: ok... (sabay smile)

* * *

I swear. Weird!

What happened to the good old F*** and go?

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