Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dear Lady GaGa, anyare teh?

Dear Lady GaGa,

I absolutely adore you. As in konti na lang ilalagay na kita sa altar, aalayan ng bulaklak at sasambahin na kita.

Pero parang... uh... lately, I'm just not feeling it.

I mean, like, WTH???

Seriously? I mean, like SERIOUSLY??? an egg/womb???

My dear demi-goddess, your rise to fame, I feel, was too fast too soon and your biggest competition is yourself. The pressure to outdo yourself EVERY SINGLE appearance has kind of put you on a trajectory that's on a whole new different plane altogether!

I kinda missed the good old days when you were weird but you still wore CLOTHES:

The pressure to innovate was apparent with your follow ups:

LACE? fine, still TEXTILE, technically

BUBBLES???? OK, but it was FUNNY! So, like it's cool and ok...

OK... looks like you came from a Victorian Halloween Party

Or a reunion of Star Wars, X-men, and the The Chronicles of Narnia combined


I miss the days when you were in a kiddie pool dry-humping an inflatable dolphin

And you're music was fun, dance-able, with a slight taste of vodka and ecstacy.

And not an orchestra of synths trying to be... I dunno, meaningful, preachy and something else:

Please go back to Earth GaGa, I miss you


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  1. Same here, I miss the old Gaga. Halatang sugo na talaga si Gaga ng Illuminati lol.


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