Monday, January 10, 2011

Para akong sinampal

Nanonood ako kanina ng Channel V at MTV (actually madalas lang ako manood ng TV nowadays, alam niyo na... buhay donya. tseh!). Sa buong maghapon, ilang beses ko ata napanood ang "Firework" ni Katy Perry at ang "Raise Your Glass" ni Pink.

Ilang beses ko din napansin na na-edit out ang videos nila. Tinanggal sa Firework ang isang eksena na may gay kiss at tinanggal naman sa raise your glass yung eksena ng gay wedding.

Watch the unedited videos below:

gay kiss at 2:07

gay kiss and wedding at 00:26

Para akong sinampal.

Maybe I've been living in a bubble, being surrounded by loving and supportive family and friends and (most importantly) other fearless fags. For some nreason, I've always felt like there's NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING GAY. Apparently, a lot of people STILL do not share the same sentiment.

What MTV and Channel V did brought me back to reality... na sa karamihan ng mga Pilipino (or maybe, Asia - since regional feeds ung nasa TV) hindi pa rinpala tanggap ng nakararami kaming mga bakla.

Alam mo kung ano ang masakit dun? Hindi naman malaswa yung mga gay scenes na nasa video. I mean, if it was humping... or even torrid kissing... I'd probably understand it. BUT NO.

Firework is a statement to self-love and acceptance. It tells people who are "different" to have the strength to face the world and be proud of themselves. Apparently Channel V and MTV (or maybe even government media regulatory boards) thinks that gays should go hide under a rock and die.

Raise Your Glass says pretty much the same thing, going to the next level, showing gay love and commitment. I don't see what's wrong with showing two people who are in love get married. Apparently, Channel V and MTV thinks it's more acceptable to sleep with priests and nuns than marry the man you love.

Yeah, I've been living in a bubble. And out there, there's a fight to be won.

Yes, Filipinos, unlike other nations, are not as oppressive to the gays, but our existence is still seen as something to be TOLERATED but not yet accepted as NORM.

Ang sakit palang masampal.

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