Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Taeyang's fly just want to FLY

OK, isang ubod ng babaw na post muna.

The nice thing about being a bum is having all the time to myself. So when I'm tired of pretending that I'm "busy" I sit down in front of my computer and watch Taeyang dance.

Yes, I'm still obsessing about this yummy piece of kimchi-sprinkled savory man meat:

OK, so I've devoted several entries about his hotness already. SO WHAT? I want you to look at the picture below and tell me you've seen enough of my boyfriend his abs! (BRING OUT THE BIBIMBAP!)

See? My point exactly. It's bad enough that he's got the body of a Korean sex machine, he also got moves that looks as if he can pound you all night and then f*ck you against the wall in the morning totally HOTTT!

So anyway, I was watching one of his live performances one afternoon (read: and every single day since then) and in one of his dance routines, his fly accidentally POPS OPEN!


Just imagine: white pants + jaw dropping bulge + fly opening on it's own! MY GAAAAADDDD I was almost licking my computer screen waiting for his bird to fly out! hahaha.

Watch the said performance below:

at exactly 1:00 his zipper starts to slide down
AND wait for the 7:00 mark, tingnan ko lang kung di kayo maloka!!!

Of course, stuff like this won't get away that easily. Not for me, of course! hahaha

Check out the frame by frame documentation of the opening of his fly:

zipper pops

and now it starrts to unzip itself

and when he spreads his legs this happens:


close your mouths bitches!

LOOK AT THAT! makes you wanna just go up to him and GRAB IT!

I was on the edge of my seat waiting for something to pop out

GOOD JOB Mr Camera guy

THERE! Fly is definitely open


Well with muscles like this:

And an ass like this:

Who can blame me for salivating over Taeyang?


Just watch him move! I swear he got me creaming my pants can totaly blast off the panties of anyone with his moves!

I don't think he's an amazing singer though. But he is sure delightful to watch! :D

Check out some of my favorite Taeyang live performances:

hee hee hee!

OK, I'm sure Taeyang's management won't be too happy about fans talking about his open fly while in a major live concert... but who cares?

Hahaha. Don't worry baby, one day you will! hahaha


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