Wednesday, December 8, 2010

SMP: Sino'ng Malungkot ang Pasko?

Have you seen that Nestea TV ad?

No? Then check this out:

SMP is quickly becoming a catchphrase. I mean, you can understand the charm: the Holiday Season... being broken hearted... a cute actor (hee hee. I swear, despite his exaggerated acting, he's growing on me!)

So are you a memeber of SMP (Samahan ng Malamig ang Pasko)? I, for one, sure as hell am one of them. ha!



Though somehow parang OK lang.

I'm not saying that it is BETTER to be single. Not at all. Of course I would very much want to have someone to share my life with. Though, that's the thing: I want SOMEONE and not just ANYONE.

Someone (I forgot who) said:

It's better to have 50% of something than 100% of nothing.

I say it's better to have NOTHING than something that is HALF THERE; I, for one, would rather be alone than to FORCE something that ain't gonna happen. It is way better to be single than have a problematic relationship; and it is definitely better to find solace and comfort in being alone knowing that that there is LOVE in places other than a romantic partner.

Malamig man ang Pasko, ang mahalaga ay hindi ito Malungkot.

So yeah, this year, you and me, we are all with SMPs. But it doesn't make any of us less loved. :)

And with that I leave you all with a message from the Immortal Lord of Drag Queens, Cher:

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