Thursday, December 16, 2010

Power Bottom Shang Edition

I was in Shang the other day - well, I'm in Shang almost every day, actually... that's why I never took notice of the Christmas decorations.

I was on one of the "deadly" escalators (the ones that jumps a floor and opens in the fountain area where the woman jumped off a couple of months back) and was taking in the new decor.

I really love the colorful stockings and the "traditional" giant Christmas tree... it's all very festive.

Then I saw THIS:

sorry poor quality, I only used my phone and I was on a moving escalator

Napa-double take talaga ako!

At bakit may NAKATUWAD NA ELF na pasabit sabit sa Shang????


Power bottom lang teh?

* * *

OK, maybe it was not their intention... or maybe bastos lang talaga ko. Still, it's very funny! hahaha

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