Friday, December 24, 2010

My 2010 in photos

It's almost the end of another year and I thought that, y'know, I'd pay tribute to all the shit that has passed in the 360 and so days.

But, as opposed to the usual rundown and checklist of all the THINGS that I've DONE, BOUGHT, and BEEN TO, I thought I'd do something different...

I mean, with all the blues of singlehood in the Holidays, and looking back at all the crazy dates, hook ups, and relation-SHIT of the past year, I thought it's befitting that instead of looking OUTSIDE, I'd end the year by looking INSIDE of me and celebrate the ME that made 2010 very VERY interesting.


NOTE: Please play this music while reading this post for maximum effect. Tenks! :p


I was uncontrollably goofy:

... and I couldn't help being campy:

I got drunk

... got wild

... passed out

... and laughed at it!

Dahil pinapanindigan ko ang kalandian ko...

I've found out my inner gender-bending freak

... and I loves it! (No matter what people say)

I discovered I can make a living out of painting people's faces :D

I found out I was hella flexible

I was on a perpetually postponed diet-work-out regimen (aka I just love eating heehee)

Dahil feeling model ako minsan OK, fine, most of the time

(I'm such a cam whore)

Coz, I'm like, REALLY CUTE (walang tututol)

Coz I did not compromise who I am to please others.

Sabi nga ni Edna sa Hairspray:

You can't stop my happiness coz I like the way I am

And through it all, despite all the unexpected twists and all the drama, I was surrounded by love (even when I thought I was lost and alone)

2010 was not all that, but I am DECIDING to look at it the other way; to count my blessings and to look FORWARD to bigger and better things that may come my way.

Should you be one of the people who made my 2010 bearable, I offer you a big hug and a kiss! MWAH!

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