Friday, December 3, 2010

The Men and Boys (and abs and butts) of True Blood

When I started living the easy life (aka when I quit my job) I locked myself in my room and did NOTHING for the first week.

Apart from unwinding and taking out a year and so of stress, I was busy embarking on a new project: Finishing all 3 seasons of True Blood in one go! hahaha.

I just can't stop watching the series. It's a WAAAAYYYYY better take on human-vampire romance compared to Twilight (whoever thinks Twilight is a brilliant piece of literature is completely out of their minds).

With the premise that vampires have "come out of the coffin" it immediately takes on a political angle and tackles issues of being an outcast, paying for the crimes of a race, power, control. It takes the "dark" side to a whole new spin by removing the "goth" usually attached to vampires and injecting, instead, drugs, sex, and violence.

Furthermore, it explores how religion is used by (sorry for the term) bigots: how they use God and the Bible to justify their persecution of something they do not understand and fear. It's a great way of tackling fear-mongering (which is very big in the US).

I also love that they have a Gay character: Lafayette Reynolds played wonderfully by Nelsan Ellis. And this character is not like the look-at-me-I'm-so-handsome-and-sexy-for-a-straight-guy-character that we normally see nowadays in American TV shows. Lafayette is one gender-bending-ass-kicking-motherfucker! I love how his character is so dark, strong, and yet sensitive and very VERY human.

I'm not so fond of the lead characters Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton. I find them rather dull and dry and all too hero-saves-heroine. It's just sickening.

The character Tara Thornton had great promise in the beginning, playing a street smart and very jaded black girl who's got very deep attachment to African American history. She started out as a smart black girl who was just unfortunate to have missed a lot of opportunities in life. however as the story moved, her character evolved to another damsel in distress like Sookie.

All in all, I still think the screenplay is rather good (as with all HBO series). With just ONE major story per season, it is very difficult to stop watching the series. It just leaves me wanting more. On the downside, I find the plot getting poorer as the seasons progress. There is no major evolutions in the story arches and they seemed to have dwelled more on the fantastic realm of the vampires instead of exploring more socio-political themes in the plot.

But you know the best part about the series?

It's THE MEN!!!!

Oh my god! Testosterone-filled half-naked man-meatiness covered in rippling msucles! GAAAAAAAAAHHHHH watching them is enough to make a man cum.

Let's start off with the first guy who got butt naked in the series and debuted with a sex scene (a straight one, though, pity): Ryan Kwanten

I don't fancy red necks that much but that's one ass I wouldn't mind tapping! uhh--ummmm slurp!

There's no saying NO to THAT!

I really don't find the lead, Stephen Moyer, quite attractive. But, of course the momentary gay moment and the almost-gay kiss with Sam Trammell, I'm sure got everyone a bit titillated:

And, of course, much appreciated.

But his bad vampire co-star has got my undies a quiver. My dear ladies, the Nordic Man of my Wetdreams, Alexander Skarsgard:

This guy does not have to be naked to be sexy. Even with a tank top on, I'm already getting a hard on:

I just loves me a man with BROAD shoulders.

But of course, with the popularity of the show (and Skarsgard's sky rocketing popularity that goes with it), the producers were inclined to be a bit more generous with the Skarsgard meat sighting:

Season 2:

There was a complimentary fuck scene (though with a girl):

Which gave a very generous view of Skarsgard's scrumptuous ass:

Then come season 3, the much talked about gay sex scene with, yet another handsome man (though not my type), Theo Alexander who plays Talbot:


Unfortunately, ladies, no humping scene unlike the straight sex scenes! UNFAIR!

Then come Season 2 the introduction of Eggs, he's tall, he's big, he's got muscles flexing involuntarily, he's one giant bundle of chocolate-covered beef and he was first spotted in Desperate Housewives (Season 3?) and is now the crotch face of CK Underwear, ladies and gentlefags, the hard candy I'd really love to ride, Mechan Brooks:

LOOK AT THAT BULGE!!!! My tonsils are folding involuntarily just looking at them!!!

In the TV series, he does more than flaunt his body. (DAMN! There's no amount of clothing that can hide ALLATHAT!) In one episode, he tears up his top and I just have to say, napakibot ang pwet ko sa eksenang yun! hahaha:


Nothing sexier than a man tearing his shirt (NOTE TO SELF: my next boyfriend must be able to do this). Well, of course, other than a man showing off his perfect perky bubble butt:

Oh yeah, I'm sure any guy would love to dip their fruit in THAT hot tub of dark chocolate!

Too bad it's a straight sex scene

Season 3 has got to be the most fagtastic season with the introduction of new HOTTT and CUTE characters that is sure to appeal to fags who like men and those who like BOYS. Starting oof with Ugly Betty hunk, Grant Bowler:

In a rather Twilight-ish twist, he plays one of the werewolves in the season:

I love it when they open their flies to transform. heehee

Then there's fellow werewolf Joe Manganiello. Burly, scruffy, Italian and very very fuckable yummy!

Those piercing brown eyes...

The strong scruffy look...

Those lickable nips luscious lips... mmmmmmmmmmmmm face pa lang may tubo na!

But, of course, let's not forget that he's prime cut of man-steak:

Ooooohhhhh and look, the wolf packs a couple of pretty cuddly puppies too!


And speaking of pups, Season 3's cutest pups:

Allan Hyde who plays Godric (I love the repentant vampire character, reminds me of Louis from Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles).

There's like 7 layers of cakey foundation but without the vampire make-up, he's really pretty cute. I just wanna pinch those cheeks and give him a kiss!

The body's not so bad as well

And my favorite pup, Marshall Allman

Who, aside from having the cutest face in True Blood, also has the cutest butt:

Oooohhhhh yes, one of that to go, please!

But the best gay thing that happened in True Blood? It's Lafayette getting a boyfriend:

I swear kinilig ako nung nagpakita si Jesus, the nurse, at the diner to ask Lafayette out!!!

Awww... so sweet... and so fucked up! Just like REAL couples :D


  1. I am wondering why I haven't seen one single episode of this show. O_O

    Must. Download. Now.
    Yumyum. Hahahahaha.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! You have a really great one here! :D

  2. OMG you checked out my blog! (geeking out here. haha)

    I'm a fan of your work :D

    Congrats on winning The blog Awards! :) clap clap clap!


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