Friday, December 3, 2010

High School Never Ends

Really, it doesn't.

People who are having trouble in High School are told that it all gets better in time; that all the madness will be over soon and that we will be moving on and we'll find our own respective places in the world.

And then we graduate from High School, some move on to college, a few will get amazing careers, the rest gets knocked up (or knocks someone over) and gets married, half of the guys turns out gay and a whole lotta them vanish in the radar. We all grow old. But not everyone grows up exactly.

We will always sit and eat in our own lunch tables, sticking to our own kind: the jocks, the nerds, the mean yet popular girls, the band geeks, the freaks, etc etc. They all have their grown up versions.

Some will never stop bullying others who, in their mind, are too different. It may be a small matter of name-calling or in worse cases it can be downright discrimination.

Some will never stop talking about other people behind their backs. Gossip folks don't die out, they grow more cunning.

And there will always be people who are shallow and immature.

High School may be over but it goes on... taking other forms. The world is cruel and unfair and High School is a good training ground for it.

The good news is, it DOES get better. High School may not end but we learn to cope. Our skin gets thicker, our souls tougher. We become more secure of ourselves, of who we are, and of where we want to be.

We learn that we can't please everyone and we learn to pick our friends. We learn to find love where we can and surround ourselves with it.

We will always be outcasted, gossiped about, mocked. The trick is to simply not care.

And the rest of the school can go fuck themselves.

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