Friday, December 10, 2010

Encounters with the Charming Kind

I was at Greenbelt 3 this afternoon, minding my own business, waiting for my Prince Charming a cab.

Parang ganito lang:

Then, from my peripheral vision, I noticed a guy, in a white shirt and jeans with a bit of a scruffy head, approaching me.

He's just a few feet away and I can smell his nice sweet scent waft towards me.

To my surprise he tapped me on the shoulder, and with a cute voice said, "Hey kumusta?"


Di ko kinaya, may kumalabit saking lalakeng ubood ng gwapo!!!! (hahaha)

I turned and to my surprise, it was none other than the completely scrumptuous Matteo Guidicelli!

Photo taken way back in March this year for during a campaign shoot
(He has grown beefier since then and he's got his scruffy mop top back! j'adore!)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Lalo akong naloka! gustong umikot ng ulo ko ng 360 degrees at mag back flip!

Pero syempre hindi ko pinahalatang natutunaw ang panty ko, MUST! MAINTAIN! PROFESSIONAL! LOOK!

So I gave him (what I think was) a pleasantly surprised smile, shook the hand he offered and said, "Uy! eto nag-aantay lang ng cab"

After a bit of exchange of pleasantries we both went on our ways. :)

Heeheehee! He's really sweet and I'm really touched that Matt even remembers me (not to mention went out of his way just to say hi)!

I swear we got the cutest, the most adorable, and not to mention most professional models. I enjoyed working with them and I terribly miss the shoots. :'(

Haaaaaaay, Matt, pa-kiss nga!

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