Saturday, December 18, 2010

Early Christmas GV!!!

Ang tagal na pala since nung nadukutan ako ng phone sa bus (Read the post HERE)

Since that very MALAS day, I've been using my old 6300 (which was handy coz I can use it to take photos of Commuter Cuties!!!)

It's OK, I get by, but I miss having a NICE phone, especially a touchscreen phone (coz it's easier to access FB and Twitter. haha!)

Then last Saturday, I was browsing through Tipic and found this unit up for sale. It's not entirely brand new, but for the price it was a bargain!

I wanted to buy it but, you know, unemployed and all, so better tipid mode. Then my mom (who was listening in to me and my cousin's conversation) peeped in my rooms and said, "Magkano ba yan?"

When I told her it was being sold for a fraction of the original price, she said, "O, tawagan mo na yang seller. Kunin na natin mamaya." and left.

OMG! May sakit ata ang nanay ko! (Or baka sadyang nakakaawa lang ang itsura ko that day)

So there we were 2 hours later checking out the phone (which was being sold by a rather CUTE GUY - did not take photos, excited sa phone).

It was in tiptop shape and all was working rather well.

Long story short, I HAVE A NEW PHONE!!! weeeeeeee!!!!

PS: Stylus po yung katabi, hinde eye liner, kei? wag echisera! TSEH!

Pagkauwi namin, ang parting words ni inay: "O, ipadukot mo ulit yan sa bus!"

Deadmalur! I have a new toy! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Salamas mudrabelles! You're the best!

* * *

Kung marinig din kaya ng nanay ko na gusto ko ng boyfriend, ihanap din kaya nya ako? Hmmmmmmm........

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