Thursday, December 16, 2010

Bonggang Bonggang Baguio!

Going up to Baguio last Sunday would have to be the most fun thing I've done since becoming a bum.

After a rather haggard Saturday, I stuffed four scarves into my bag, a change of shirt and undies, and a small overnighter kit, met up with Happy and the gang and went to Victory liner.

We got the 1am trip and I convinced my friends to get the regular bus (I was kinda saving so I really don't wanna take the deluxe bus).

Well, I kinda paid for the 300 pesos savings with a slight back ache and a rather rude woman who kept on kicking the back of my chair. The god new though was that instead of the expected 8-hour trip it only took us around 6 hours to get to Baguio City.

The uncomfortable sleep was rather worth it. Just moments after stepping out of the bus, we were greeted by sightings of cute guys with naturally rosy cheeks! hee hee hee

And, I have to say, seeing Baguio in the early morning light is just breathtaking:

I've only been to Baguio for like, 4 other times in the past. And yeah, there's probably not that much exciting stuff to do there as compared to other tourist spots in the country. (I mean, once you've been to Mine's View, and the Strawberry Farm, the Botanical garden, etc, there isn't much else to do and see).

But despite that I still like going there. To me, it's the perfect city away from THE City.

I can't say exactly what is it that makes Baguio that charming. Is it the natural chill in the air? The crispness of the mountain air? The greenery that's just everywhere? Or is it the general "laidback-ness" of the whole Baguio atmosphere?

I really can't put my finger on it, maybe it's all of that, I dunno. But the place creeps into my lungs like the air and burries itself in the crevices of my heart. It's just a very charming place that I'd like to back to over and over again.

The sights at Mine's View

But of course, aside from the place itself, the trip will not be as much fun without the company:

NOT IN PICTURE: Ferdee and his Mom. Tita DIgna was just a little too tired and Ferdee, well, he's the one holding the cam :D

I think more than anything else, it's being surrounded by good friends that make a simple mini-vacay extra special


OK, my bad, wasn't able to take photos of the food coz we were ALWAYS too hungry to even THINK of taking their pics. hahaha

Another good thing about Baguio? THE BOYS!!!

Yeah baby!

Their exotic but NOT the Cafe Havana-type of exotic. and the rosy cheeks! ARGH!

(OK, this deserves a post of their own)

The guy on my left (right side of the screen) is pretty cute in person! not to mention he's got a perfectly perky butt hanging from that loin cloth! slurp!

The most memorable cutie would have to be the cadet standing beside me! GAWD I literally had to run to the other side of the street to catch him and convince him to have his pcture taken with us. hahahaha!

I swear he's so cute, even Happy was gushing! hahaha. Let's xoom in, shall we?

My eyebags are horrible (forgot to edit!) I look like a character from a Tim Burton movie!

BUT, the best of part of a one-day out of town trip?


CHIKIDAWT, we're fabulous!

I'm no photographer now am I a DSLR-wielder but I REALLY like this shot.
The way the light hits the trees and Kuya Raoul, the softness of the shadows, and the 'candid' facial expression = amazing!

Now, BOG! (Vogue, but in Tagalog):

That's 6'7" feroshness to you betch! Represent!

O di ba? Parang military-meets-casual na lumo-Lolita lang ng pose!

Now, all of us, three! (CHAR! haha)



And now, the obligatory self-portraits!

At ang walang patumanggang kabaklaan:


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