Monday, November 22, 2010


My mom bought Face paint crayons the other week at National Bookstore. It's not an elaborate set, just a small pack of 6 face paint crayons. And I've been painting Tatot's face, like, every single day since then. It's crazy!

Started out with something small:

cute right? like a fat cat! hahaha

It's a bit difficult painting a kid's face. Impatient, y'know? So I did one on myself:

Then something more elaborate for Tatot:

He did not like it that much, he doesn't want paint anywhere near his eyes (paano na ang eyeshaddow? char!) also, he preferred variations of the "red-nosed" design:

Johanna, my cousin, wanted some too! (Ingget! haha)

But she was a bit overwhelmed with eye. haha!

This is the one I did for Tatot over the weekend:

I think he rather looks like a red teddy bear... or a human-makopa. hahaha!

And probably the most bongga one I have done to-date (I just realized I can blend the colors like make-up! hahaha):

I know, they all look amateur-ish but they're loads of fun!!! We even went out on the street wearing them just for kicks! hahaha!

We're cray-zeh like that! hahaha

Hours of bonding and fun and craziness (not to mention a good excuse to put some sort of make-up on) for just 70 pesos.

I'd say that's money well-spent.

Hay, the simple joys of life!

PS: I stumbled upon this tutorial while reserching how to do a leopard/cheetah face. MY GOD, he's AWESOME!!!! Dear Ptriltude, I want to be your friend!

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