Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Still In the Middle: I say get liberated.

Have you heard of the hotness that is Kazaky? If not, then do updae yourself an dread about them HERE

Anyway, I'm still raving about the music video then I remembered one scenario that happened a couple of weeks ago.

I was watching the video during a shoot prior to fashion week:

A friend, who was also watching behindd me, said, "Hindi ba parang ang sagwa nyang ginagawa nila? Tingnan mo, o, may mga lawit sila peero yung suot nila saka yung sayaw nila... ganyan..." (Translation: Isn't it a bit off seeing as they have dicks and they're dressed and dancing like... THAT?)

I was atken aback by the comment; all I was able to retort was, "Ang tarush kaya!" (Translation: It's mothafckin dragtastic!)

People have been boxed in the paradigm that there are two ways of doing dance: there guy dance moves for guys and there are girl dance moves for girls. AND if one's gay, you either dance like a dude, or you go full-on drag and "imitate" what women do.

Well, to me, it's a good thing Kazaky is pushing the envelope on sexuality in dance.

It's only "masagawa" if we remain inside the box of hetero-normativism. But by doing so, we fail to see the mastery of their movement and how on point these guys are at doing this choreography.

It's just dance. That's what it is. Regardless of sexuality and who's doing what, it's just dance. Failure to see past the dancer is failure to appreciate the artform.

And in truth, it's dancer-choreographers like Oleg (of Kazaky) who MAKES the choreography for female performers (like PCD). I think it's high time they get credit for themselves.

I say let's liberate ourselves from the chains of hetero-normativism

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