Sunday, November 7, 2010

So now who's got more balls?

photo courtesy of Kat

It was my last day at work and I promised myself that I will, for the last time, walk the halls of the company in DRAG!

I wanted to dress up like a Flower Girl as statement. Coz those cute little kids do nothing but throw flowers while walking down the aisle, they're all smiley and cute BUT in truth, they're just littering (like SOME people in the office). But I didn't have the budget for an entire new outfit.

ANYWAY, I think I've stirred the pot well enough. Those who were able to read my "controversial" blog entry would know what I'm talking about.

Some friends said I was the Carlos Celdran of our department. Hahaha!

People were trying to bring me down for "calling it what it is". They were clawing at my back for saying what everyone was afraid of saying.

They were slow to notice what was wrong and even slower when it comes to resolving these anomalies.

Of course, being the outspoken bitch that I am, I naturally took the heat.

But I don't care. Coz I am right. And I won't apologize for it.

Funny thing is I never heard from the "man" who's supposed to "handle" me. I wasn't expecting much, a normal "let's talk" would have sufficed. But no. It never came.

I guess in the end, none of them were man enough to face a faggot who was unafraid to tell the truth and stand by it.

I guess a faggot who wears dresses like me TRULY DOES have more balls than any straight guy who can't even own up to his mistakes.

Take THAT you M*th3rf&ck1ng anomaly of a human being! hahaha!

So now that I am free, I will repeat what was told to NOT say: I can always find a new job, but YOU (yes, you, you know who you are) will always be STUPID!


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