Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On "Pilipinas Kay Ganda": Can we put a lid on it already?

I was in a cab this afternoon and I was forced to listen to Ted Failon grill the DOT person (forgot if it was DOT Sec) about the new tagline.

Failon was asking the DOT person why they changed the tagline and the person on the phone was explaining that it was to revamp the image of the country after all the negative press about us. In the end Failon encouraged the DOT person to "pag-isipan po natin ng mabuti yung mga tagline-tagline, hindi po kasi madali gawin yan, eh"

Then right after the guy hung up, they started bashing the new tagline. Good job, Failon, VERY PROFESSIONAL! hahaha

Everyone's talking about the "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" now.

OK, I get it. It's motherfucking crappy!

And yeah, I think we can all come up with something better and wittier and smarter.

I get it. And I think we all get it, DOT needs a copywriter.

But I think all the sarcastic remarks, all the jokes, and all the energy poured over the tagline is a waste. For one, it's not as if "Wow Philippines" was actually a good tagline that it DOES NOT require a replacement. Also, it's not as if a REALLY amazing tagline wiill improve Philippine tourism! DUH!

In the Philippines where almost every accessible province's idea of a tourism spectacle are "festivals", which are actually very poor executions and alternatives to street parties, I'd say we're in deep shit. Put the recent Bus hostage taking on top of that, and the international notion that Filipinos are mostly household helpers, and our airports' outdated and unwelcoming look, the capital city's abhorring state, and the Philippines general lack of cultural identity (which in my opinion is why our tourism is not as strong as our neighboring SEA nations and our fellow third-world countries)... I'd say it will take more than a kick-ass branding and tagline to solve our tourism problems.

My two cents: Let's just face it this tagline is, much like anything the government manages to come up with: not well-thought of and crappy. Now let's move on and focus on the bigger and more important issues.

People of the Philippines, you really wanna help DOT? let's start with ourselves: how about being more disciplined? How about having a bit more Pinoy pride? How about exploring your country first before flying off to HK and SG?

I've said my peace, that's it.


  1. in advertising, brand building is everything. malaysia has its malaysia truly asia for years. so does amazing thailand. eto problema satin. walang continuity. we just like changing everything. pag bago ng administration, lahat ng nagawa ng nakaraang administration e pangit na bigla. WOW philippines did wonders for the philippines (check your facts before you even rant) and it was the most succesfull campaign the philippines has ever had.

    DOT officials dont even know what they're doing. from what i can see, they just like to differentiate without knowing the implications. just like you. nonchalantly ranting without even knowing the real score behind it.

  2. Hey Dan,

    1. no need to lecture me about brand building, I work in marketing and advertising runs in my blood. I know how to make marketing campaigns.

    2. I'm not sure if you read my blog completely but I was NOT, in any way, defending the DOT. In fact, I am quite sympathetic with over-all sentiment about the "Pilipinas Kay Ganda"

    3. I'm not sure if you get the drift of my post, but I too feel that the DOT does not know what they're doing. They do not have any troubleshooting capacities in terms of revitalizing interest in Philippine tourism and fixing the country's international reputation.

    Mr. Dan, I'm not sure what you know about marketing but let me tell you what I know by heart, no matter how good your brand building efforts are, if your PRODUCT is not up to it, it will not sell. That Mr. Dan is what you call LYING.

    The point of my post is going BEYOND the crappy brand building efforts of the DOT. The WHOLE POINT of the post is that instead of US, the public, who in all likelihood are not THAT well-versed in marketing, trying to pick on the CRAPPY branding, I think we should also PRESSURE the DOT to focus on MORE IMPORTANT tourism issues.

    SO i suggest, before you attack me personally that you do the ff:

    1. research on Communication Planning

    2. read the blog post completely, and quite frankly, do TRY to comprehend it.

    Thanks Mr. dan for your time. I find your misdirected anger quite flattering


  3. We must help each other to promote our country in becoming the top travel destination not only in Southeast Asia but in whole Asia. Philippines is one of the beautiful country that admires by many tourist all over the world. If we continue promoting it, tourists will continue embracing Philippines.


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