Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Incoming: BURLESQUE!

I just got wind of this!


Lemme count the ways:


2. Cam Gigandet!

3. My god, the goddess of immortality in gay mythology (dahil 40 years later may career pa rin sya), the fabulous hag who recently re-graced the cover of Vanity Fair, CHER!!!

(OK, so she looks frighteningly NOT human in the movie and her cover shot is a Photoshop miracle BUT I still love her!)

And just for reference, check out one of her older covers of Vanity Fair (back when she still had most of her face worth in muscle, bones and skin and not... candle wax!)

o di ba? parang Cherie Gil ang fezlak ni lola? sayang mukha na syang galing ng wax museum ngayon...

4. Christina Aguilera! (love her voice, hate her acting, but love her voice) Let's see if she can dance na this time or dadaanin natin ito sa magic with editing! hahaha.

Nevertheless, I think she pulls off the riswue look quite well (hpefully NOT as wild as the Moulin Rouge video)

And of course there's bound to be lots of crazy-ass HOTT dancing on the movie and most likely lots of gaytastic diva-ness tunes too!

WHEW! Topless men na lang ang kulang perfect 10 na sya for gayest movie of the year!

Here, watch the trailer and get excited with me:

Kinilabutan ako ng slight dun sa part na FINALLY bumirit na si Christina! WHEW! divalicious

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