Friday, November 5, 2010

IN THE MIDDLE: Dance, dance with me baby!

Move over Cazwell and shove your Dirty ice Cream up your @&&!!!

I stumbled upon these guys since last last week and I still can't get over them; been watching these guys since last Monday!

Girls and gays, I'm talking about Kazaky! Their a foursome of really hot bekbek dancers! chikidawt:

Oleg, Arthur, Stas and Cyril. Don't ask me who's who coz I don't know. hahaha

This guy is my favorite bekbek:


Their latest video, In the middle is HOTNESS meets Ferosh meets gender bending fabushness all rolled into one!

It mixes a very hot masculinity (at \least the type that's very appealing to gays):

mmmm look at those lips! yummeh!


Now who would REFUSE to lick that? uhmmmmm NOT me! hahaha


with wild choregraphy that can rival the pussycat dolls:

O, di ba? bali kung BALI!

They twist your neck and take it to a whole new realm altogether with shredded leggings and pumps!!!!







WHEW! watch their video! NOOOOOWWWW!!!!

And some Youtube fans even made mash-ups like so:

This actually made Cazwell half-decent (though I still think he's a sleazy douche)

This mash-up is actually pretty DARN GOOD:

Now my dear bek beks, lets put this track in our pokpok playlist along with Kelis and DANCE!

* * *

UPDATE: I found this on Youtube too. SHORAY LANG NILA ATE!!

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  1. jajjajajjjajaja.. I saw this video a few days ago, and now...i can't stop watch it...when the guy jump with his very open legs...oh how he moves!!! great!!!

    but, i dont like something: two are very female like...and, I mean, I'm gay, but i dont like that!, anyway, liked their song's #love and in the middle"..and hope to see them someday...

    thanks for the pic...see ya....good luck guys"


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