Monday, November 1, 2010


I was updating our fan page this morning eager to post all the rave reviews about our show, then Roro popped a message:

"I'm sure ito yung part ng work ang mami-miss mo."

And it all came flooding in. You know that part when realization meets reality and it feels like being on top of a cliff looking over a new landscape altogether.

Oh... my... god.

Parang hindi ko ma-imagine ang sarili ko na hindi ngarag, hindi haggard, hindi nagkukumahog sa trabaho, at hindi busy.


Slight panic mode

For a moment I felt lost; my routine was shattered. Workaholic pala ako. I thought, "what will I do now that I don't have my work to keep me busy?"


And it dawned on me... Magiging busy ulit ako... doing the things I love doing, and doing them the way I want to.

I realized I am never without options.

I am not afraid to be unemployed. D

Masarap pala maging malaya!

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