Friday, November 26, 2010


Tatot is 5 years-old. And he does nothing but watch Lion King, color, eat, and sleep.

My mom thought that it would be cute if she can train him to do small chores (the way she did when I was 5).

So in the middle of a very busy morning, she stooped down, looked at Tatot square in the face and asked him in the most annoyingly patronizing way, "Tatot, ibili mo naman ako ng vetsin..."

Now, for those who will shout "child abuse", just so we're clear, the store is just next door owned by my own uncle.

Tatot took the coins and dashed out of the door like giant shot put made of lard.

Moments later, he's back, beaming with accomplishment. On the top of his lungs he shouted, "Mimmy! Tingnan mo uwi ko, oh!!!"

And smiling like the little imp that he is, he showed my mom a pack of Moby and Cheese Rings.

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