Monday, November 8, 2010

Conversations with a crazy stalker

Mr. Crazy: musta?

Me: Oks lang. You? (Translation: I'm being polite)

Mr. Crazy: Ok lng din. Kakauwi lng ng pinas

Me: I see (Translation: kei... agan, noh being polite!)

Mr. Crazy: So kumusta n kau ng bf mo?

Me: ha? (Translation: Putang ina ka! wala akong BF! wala! WALAAA! huhuhuhu)

Mr. Crazy: Ohhh. Bakit diba my bf ka naman?

Me: You must've mistaken me for the wrong person (Translation: susme, wala akong panahon makipaglandian, noh!)

Mr. Crazy: Anu kb? How can i forgot you? And at the same time i saw all your pics in multiply

Me: ahhh ok (Translation: JUSKOPO WRONG GRAMMAR eeeppppp!!!! and STALKER!!! Afraid!!!)

Mr. Crazy: Anyways. San pala ung event location ng fashion week? Alam mo ba?

Me: Tapos na sya (Translation: pwede ba, tigilan ako! anong uri ng gigi-an ba itey?)

Mr. Crazy: Hindi. For this nov.

Me: Nope. Tapos na ang fashion week (Translation: Nagmarunong pa! Ako pa ang kinorrect about Fashion Week!)

Mr. Crazy: Ha? Kelan pa?

Me: Oct (Translation: OK, this conversation has been going on for too long...)

Mr. Crazy: oct 26 31, un ba un?

Two letters: N + R

Mr. Crazy: Oliver? busy busyhan?

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