Monday, November 29, 2010

Commuter Cutie 019: cutie on a date

Gen and i taught a group of High School students last weekend on how to stage a fashion show.

It was harder than I thought, teaching! whew! Compressing all the stuff I learned on the job for 2 years into 8 hours and making it friendly and useful for a bunch of 15 year olds was no easy task!

So after the workshop/seminar, we ended up in Megamall craving for spaghetti and frosty! heehee

And then I saw him:

So timid-looking and yet so cuuutttteee!!!

He was sitting alone in a table and I know for a fact that he's waiting for his date. DEYUM!

So while his date was not yet there, ninamnam ko ang kanyang freshness :D

I surmised he's about 57" or 5'8". Nice build, fairly lean with a rather broad shoulders for someone his frame. He definitely carried that cardigan off pretty well (no tummy pouch whatsoever EVEN when he sitting!) mmmmmmmmm-tsalap!

Also, his face's pretty clear and fair and I can tell from the 5 feet distance where I was sitting that he was TOTALLY mabango!

The hint of facial hair was absolutely cute as well as the glasses. The silent and steadfast way he was waiting there made me wanna stand up and talk to him BUT I know better HAHAHA SO ayan, I'll just relish the stolen photo :D

THEN his date came.

Isa lang ang nasabi ko kay Gen: "NYOKET? NYYOOOOOKKKEEEEHHHHTTTT!?!?!?!"

Hay, world!

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