Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm just a sweet transvestite... and more

TODAY IS THE DAY! Kurt gets a boyfriend on Glee!!!

He is Darren Criss and he's just cute as a button! His face has that quirkiness that I think matches Kurt's character. Well, we'll see later won't we?

The entire gay Twitverse and Gaylandia for that matter is abuzz with this week's ep of Glee. This cute video was being posted gay after gay (as in one gay guy after another! haha)!

BUT before we even go there, let me pay tribute to last week's episode that has got me clicking and clicking over and over again! THE ROCKY HORROR episode!!!

Now mind you, I'm nnot such a big fan of this ep. I feel like the plot was weak and it actually seems like they forced the theme for Halloween. The ep did not even help much in pushing the character arches and sub-plots.

This ep's best points:

Chrod Overstreet's abs

Chord Overstreet's man-meat scrumptuous hotness and almost-"nutage" exposure

Chord Overstreet's man-meat hotness AND his LIPSSSSS!!!

Chord, you need to work on those legs, honey.

Matthew Morrison strpping

Kinky Matthew Morrison sequence

Matthew Morrison's perfectly groomed chest-fur and yes, the pec-grabbing! you gotta love the pec-grabbing!

And best of all, THIS SONG:

It's zow divatastic, nakaka-LSS. which is NOT a good thing.

I went out the other day to buy ice cream and on my way t the store, I was humming the chorus "I'm just a sweet transvestite..." and I swear, it's embarrassing!

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