Monday, November 29, 2010

(REPOST) Commuter Cutie 012: Freshness Young Pork Tocino Cutie

NOTE: This is an older post, I am just reposting it due to suspicious traffic and suspected malware. Hopefully this gets rid of it.

Wilberchie: Sorry, the comments were deleted from the original post. :(

* * *

As the word itself implies:

YOUNG PORK TOCINO = batang karneng masarap



So anyway, during one of my haggardious leviosa commuting adventures ay may naksakay akong freshness cutie sa jeepipay:

Mejo mahirap kumuha ng pictures at Luke Jikjickaine level ang jeepipay.

Pero siyempre di papatalo ang lola niyo, kung Bakla vs Environment din lang ang labanan e PWES this queen was born to rule the wild noh!

So may I pretend to be texting again.... and oooops, there you go:

He looks really mabango (major plus points) not to mention he's makinis and freshness looking despite the Luke Jikjickaine estado of the vehicle

Na-sight ko sa kanyang well-pressed uniform ang logo ng UST College of Music sa pocket!


Gusto ko sana siyang chikahin at sabihan ng, "Hey, so, you're into music? I'm really good with flute y'know... I can blow it like no one else can..."



Susme baka mahabla ako nitech.

Kung sino ka man, peace tayo, ang cute mo lang talaga! mwah!


I'm getting unusual traffic today.

According Analytics, there's been several visits to my blog THROUGH Facebook. This, of course, is rather impossible since I already deactivated my account over the weekend.

see below:

I'm not sure what's causing this but I'm under the impression that is some sort of virus or worm (or whatever).

It's no secret that there's been several attacks on FB, Twitter, Yahoo! etc so this is not entirely new. As to why they are directed to my blog (the Commuter Cutie 012 in particular) I'm not sure why.

I can only take comfort in the fact that all these visits are New Visitors (so it is likely that they are not any of my friends) But still, all in all, it's quite bothering.

I shall be reposting this particular entry later and delete the original one in case there's malware somewhere there.

Take care folks, and don't just click on dubious looking shit. Also, I'd suggest you start deleting some apps in FB.

Commuter Cutie 019: cutie on a date

Gen and i taught a group of High School students last weekend on how to stage a fashion show.

It was harder than I thought, teaching! whew! Compressing all the stuff I learned on the job for 2 years into 8 hours and making it friendly and useful for a bunch of 15 year olds was no easy task!

So after the workshop/seminar, we ended up in Megamall craving for spaghetti and frosty! heehee

And then I saw him:

So timid-looking and yet so cuuutttteee!!!

He was sitting alone in a table and I know for a fact that he's waiting for his date. DEYUM!

So while his date was not yet there, ninamnam ko ang kanyang freshness :D

I surmised he's about 57" or 5'8". Nice build, fairly lean with a rather broad shoulders for someone his frame. He definitely carried that cardigan off pretty well (no tummy pouch whatsoever EVEN when he sitting!) mmmmmmmmm-tsalap!

Also, his face's pretty clear and fair and I can tell from the 5 feet distance where I was sitting that he was TOTALLY mabango!

The hint of facial hair was absolutely cute as well as the glasses. The silent and steadfast way he was waiting there made me wanna stand up and talk to him BUT I know better HAHAHA SO ayan, I'll just relish the stolen photo :D

THEN his date came.

Isa lang ang nasabi ko kay Gen: "NYOKET? NYYOOOOOKKKEEEEHHHHTTTT!?!?!?!"

Hay, world!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

WANTED: Christmas Party

Having resigned from work means no company Christmas party.

This in turn means no "embarrassing" compulsary performance.

Which means, I'll have to look for another venue to do THIS:

Anyone needs a drag performer? hahaha!

Review: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1

I think by now almost everybody has already seen Deathly Hallows part 1 so it wouldn't be so bad if I write a bit about it now, would I? :)

I spent the entire day yesterday re-reading the book. I've forgotten how gripping Rowling's story-telling was (although admittedly the first few parts were rather slow - which is pretty much the same thing that I can say about the movie)).

The ominous opening pretty much set the mood for the entire movie. It's dark, sinister, full of blood shed. This is no longer a movie for kids; nothing like the the Christopher Columbus' Tweedle-dee-ooohhh-what-magic version of the 1st installation of the Potter movie.

After re-reading the book, I was rather surprised at how faithful the movie was to the original literature. I'm sure a lot of die-hard fans will disagree but those who are versed in film production will understand what I'm talking about.

The director and screen writer took some liberties with a few details in the story, but the general plot movement and the over-all themes were astoundingly faithful. A good job, of course, but I think is also one of the reasons why, in my opinion, the movie was painstakingly slow.

For the large part, the first part of the book is all about figuring out the puzzles that Dumbledore left behind. It was all about putting pieces of fact, fiction, and lore in the characters' HEADS. It works of course, in the book coz one's imagination is practically limitless when your transforming the words i your head.

The solving of the puzzles were not as gripping as it was in bok, and how can that be possible to do in a very visual medium, right?

Visually, there is VERY minimal movement for this part of the movie: a lot of camping, a lot of talking. There are very limited cinematic elements to play on. The figuring out part being more of an intellectual/mental movement than visual: rather difficult to do in film when you have to actually show what is physically happening.

Nevertheless, the movie moved with the natural ease of the original plot movement. The highlights (The chase to The Burrow, breaking into the ministry, the scene with Bagshot, the rescue at the Malfoy Mansion, even the glimpses into Voldemort's mind) were woven rather well, creating a good crest-trough movement, jolting one's interest when everything seemed to have lulled.

I deliberately did not read the book prior to the movie, (as is recommended). And I must say I rather enjoyed it in itself.

The Death of Dobby was really something VERY moving. I was almost THIIISSSS close to shedding a tear!

I'd say the movie deserves a 7 for a good book-to-silver-screen translation. But I don't smell an Oscar nomination for this one... I feel it lacks that certain spark of brilliance.

I am excited, though, for the second installation. There are more materials to work with for the latter part of the book and I think they will be bringing out all the guns for the final movie.

* * *

There was one Rave-worthy thing though about the movie: Hermione Granger's (Emma Watson) wardrobe!!!

Her "costumes" were all rather FABULOUS! not to mention the way her character was particularly styled. Or maybe that's just my jealous adoration for winter cothing (?) But still, outstanding work for the wardrobe team.

I wouldn't be surprised, though, if Burberry lent one of their stylists for Emma Watson. After all, you wouldn't want your brand's image model to be seen looking Too much like her character, won't you?

* * *

I'd have to say, though, of the three lead characters. Emma Watson's growing up to be a rather charming woman! Her managers must be doing a really good job.

Meanwhile, I feel like Daniel Radcliffe has lost his charms when he grew up. He's not as adorable as he was on the first few HP movies. His acting hasn't improved much (I still find him rather dry and the spectrum of emotions by which he can display is rather limited and quite, sorry to say, un-sophistticated). Equus, I hear, was not as much of a success as the press say it is and judging from Radcliffe's rather limited projects, I'd say HP7.2 would have to be his last hurrah. Good luck to his managers!

Rupert Grint has the makings of a good star. He's got the build, the swagger. he just needs a bit of a make-over to be more "commercial" probablya les ginger-y hair color and some MASSCARA! (My god, we can't see his eyelashes, it's kinda freaky)

On a separate but kind of related note, I learned (after much googling) that the fabulous Emma Watson just had her hair short. Not pixie short but BOY-CUT short.

Do I love it? Not really. She'd need more attitude to pull that look off. But it has definitely made her look more edgy... more "fasyon". You can see her lovely features better. It made her look tough-pretty.

Let's see how she fares with this new do. If don;t work, well, there's always a weave! :D

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Curly Top

I have curly hair. I’ve had curly hair ever since my mom popped me out of her vagina and hair started growing out of my head.

Being enrolled in an all-boys catholic school made sure that I embrace uniformity and beat myself to death if I do not fit in. There was no place for individuality in such a secular environment. My parents themselves drank the same kol-aid. They made sure I grew up trying to turn myself into something "appropriate".

And with the popularity of Nick Carter’s perfectly straight, blond hair, curly was definitely NOT cool. Yes, I blame him too.

I spent most of my youth with close-cropped hair. I never let my hair grow longer than an inch and half coz that’s when it starts to have a life of its own and make waves on my head.

When I graduated from college, I spent more than 2 years growing out my hair and having it subjected to weekly hair treatment to keep it straight, or as my friends would call it, dead, limp and lifeless as a broom.

I burned my scalp three times in the process. My hair turned to this unearthly shade of brown. And it looked as if it was being weighed down by gravity equal to that of Jupiter.

The night I was finally able to face my reflection in the mirror and tell myself, “BAKLA KA!” (YOU ARE GAY!) I flushed all my hair relaxing cream in the toilet, bought a bottle of oil and a pack of hair pins and the next day, went to work with a chin-length mop of curly (and oily) locks.

Embracing my curls was like embracing myself for what I truly am: a cock-sucking fagg who's as gay as Christmas, unicorns, and Rainbow Brite all rolled into one.

Nothing felt more alive than that.

People would stare at me as I walk down the street... long curly hair bouncing. I'd look at them and flash a smile. It’s my way of saying, FUCK YOU WORLD! This is who I am and I fucking love it!

* * *

It's been almost 4 years since then and I'm wearing it shorter now but still maintaining the noticeable curls.

I have long since embraced my fabulous gayness and, with little success, been trying to impart all that I have learned in that short span of time to friends and then some...

But it feels like I just accomplished the first step. Coming out is definitely just the tip of the ice berg.

It's been a struggle, loving myself, and everyday I feel like I move closer to knowing myself more.

It's rather difficult, trying to prove myself not only to others but to myself. I think I am my most critical judge. When will i ever be good enough for my own standards? I don't know.

But I'm sure someday, I will.

Friday, November 26, 2010


I realized that, after quitting my job, I still spend HOURS in front of the computer. Too much Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Lookbook, and blog-hopping all in all.

It' not exactly a bad way to spend my time, However, it's also not a good way to live.

When I left my job, I said I'll use the time to get a hold of my life that's spinning out of control.

For the past few weeks, I just sat in my room and did nothing. I guess it's a good brea from running around and working. Yeah, being a complete sloth is a good change

But this is not exactly how I picture myself.

So this is my way of saying "Bye for now".

I have deactivated my facebook and I don't think I'll be using my Twitter as much.

Wish me luck. And hopefully I succeed in whatever it is that I need to accomplish.



Tatot is 5 years-old. And he does nothing but watch Lion King, color, eat, and sleep.

My mom thought that it would be cute if she can train him to do small chores (the way she did when I was 5).

So in the middle of a very busy morning, she stooped down, looked at Tatot square in the face and asked him in the most annoyingly patronizing way, "Tatot, ibili mo naman ako ng vetsin..."

Now, for those who will shout "child abuse", just so we're clear, the store is just next door owned by my own uncle.

Tatot took the coins and dashed out of the door like giant shot put made of lard.

Moments later, he's back, beaming with accomplishment. On the top of his lungs he shouted, "Mimmy! Tingnan mo uwi ko, oh!!!"

And smiling like the little imp that he is, he showed my mom a pack of Moby and Cheese Rings.

Monday, November 22, 2010


My mom bought Face paint crayons the other week at National Bookstore. It's not an elaborate set, just a small pack of 6 face paint crayons. And I've been painting Tatot's face, like, every single day since then. It's crazy!

Started out with something small:

cute right? like a fat cat! hahaha

It's a bit difficult painting a kid's face. Impatient, y'know? So I did one on myself:

Then something more elaborate for Tatot:

He did not like it that much, he doesn't want paint anywhere near his eyes (paano na ang eyeshaddow? char!) also, he preferred variations of the "red-nosed" design:

Johanna, my cousin, wanted some too! (Ingget! haha)

But she was a bit overwhelmed with eye. haha!

This is the one I did for Tatot over the weekend:

I think he rather looks like a red teddy bear... or a human-makopa. hahaha!

And probably the most bongga one I have done to-date (I just realized I can blend the colors like make-up! hahaha):

I know, they all look amateur-ish but they're loads of fun!!! We even went out on the street wearing them just for kicks! hahaha!

We're cray-zeh like that! hahaha

Hours of bonding and fun and craziness (not to mention a good excuse to put some sort of make-up on) for just 70 pesos.

I'd say that's money well-spent.

Hay, the simple joys of life!

PS: I stumbled upon this tutorial while reserching how to do a leopard/cheetah face. MY GOD, he's AWESOME!!!! Dear Ptriltude, I want to be your friend!

Everything is a Blessing

Just got Rihanna's new album, Loud. and I've been hooked since yesterday.

Nice mix of songs, individually, they sound more mature than the ones she's released previously. They are also very upbeat yet smooth (not so gritty on the ears like Rated R).

I'm listening to this track (Complicated) now and am reminded how FANTASTIC it is to be unattached. (walang halong kaplastikan, kei?)

Been hearing lots of relationship troubles all over lately and all I can think about is, "I'm so relieved I don't have to face problems like that now."

I'm bad, I know.

But you know what, the truth is, relationships will always be complicated. I mean, think about it. trying to fix your own shit is difficult enough as it is. And then you bring in another person who has his own shit. Then you try to second guess each other and next thing you know, together, you create more shit for the two of you.

Man, that's a lot of shit! (hahaha)

And yeah, I know you've heard rant, mourn, and whine about being unattached (read: left for dead and was unceremoniously replaced by a troll); and my friends know how many times I've opened a conversation with, "Ihanap mo nga ako ng boyfriend!" but for the first time, I am actually glad to be rid of all that drama.

Yeah, I still like checking out cute guys. And yeah, I might go on the occassional date (I am abstaining from the casual hook up now which deserves its own post altogether). But I thik that's as far as I can go for now... I don't think I can commit myself to someone. Not now. Or maybe not until I meet someone who's worth it.

Anyway, I am enjoying my "me" time. In a couple of weeks it's gonna be a year since I broke up with the ex... and well, I don't care! hahaha!

The sun is shining outside and life is good. :) I now understand that everything that comes in our life is a blessing.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

On "Pilipinas Kay Ganda": Can we put a lid on it already?

I was in a cab this afternoon and I was forced to listen to Ted Failon grill the DOT person (forgot if it was DOT Sec) about the new tagline.

Failon was asking the DOT person why they changed the tagline and the person on the phone was explaining that it was to revamp the image of the country after all the negative press about us. In the end Failon encouraged the DOT person to "pag-isipan po natin ng mabuti yung mga tagline-tagline, hindi po kasi madali gawin yan, eh"

Then right after the guy hung up, they started bashing the new tagline. Good job, Failon, VERY PROFESSIONAL! hahaha

Everyone's talking about the "Pilipinas Kay Ganda" now.

OK, I get it. It's motherfucking crappy!

And yeah, I think we can all come up with something better and wittier and smarter.

I get it. And I think we all get it, DOT needs a copywriter.

But I think all the sarcastic remarks, all the jokes, and all the energy poured over the tagline is a waste. For one, it's not as if "Wow Philippines" was actually a good tagline that it DOES NOT require a replacement. Also, it's not as if a REALLY amazing tagline wiill improve Philippine tourism! DUH!

In the Philippines where almost every accessible province's idea of a tourism spectacle are "festivals", which are actually very poor executions and alternatives to street parties, I'd say we're in deep shit. Put the recent Bus hostage taking on top of that, and the international notion that Filipinos are mostly household helpers, and our airports' outdated and unwelcoming look, the capital city's abhorring state, and the Philippines general lack of cultural identity (which in my opinion is why our tourism is not as strong as our neighboring SEA nations and our fellow third-world countries)... I'd say it will take more than a kick-ass branding and tagline to solve our tourism problems.

My two cents: Let's just face it this tagline is, much like anything the government manages to come up with: not well-thought of and crappy. Now let's move on and focus on the bigger and more important issues.

People of the Philippines, you really wanna help DOT? let's start with ourselves: how about being more disciplined? How about having a bit more Pinoy pride? How about exploring your country first before flying off to HK and SG?

I've said my peace, that's it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Still not over the last Glee episode...

Was talking to Kate the day after I saw the episode and was gushing about the Kurt-Blair "Teenage Dream" scene:

Me: Kinilig ako sa part na natakbo sila sa hall at magkaholding hands!

Kate: Ako din!!!!!!!!!!! haaaayyyy... the joys of being young and in love...

Me: yeah....

At this point, napapa-tingin ako sa malayo at napa-emote ng saglit.

Yeah, it would be nice to be young once again, find that one person who just lifts you up and fall in love...

unfortunately, being a closet case in my youth, I missed that part of my life.

And when it did come. Well, we all know it ended in a big fat mess...

Kate: I wanna see you like that again, Olai...

Natigilan ako ng konti... I wasn't expecting that...

Yeah... to be in love... it almost seems like something too foreign. It's been so long, I think I have forgotten what it was like to be in love...

Has my lovelessness been THAT obvious now?

I wonder how different I am now from back then...

Kate: Yeah, I don't doubt for a minute na love will come your way again. And hopefully din when it does, it will come to stay. You deserve that kind of happiness in your life

Woooowwww... It all seems so strange now, that state of being in love. I'm not even sure it actually existed, or if it was actually love, or just some form of extended elation.

Maybe I have grown a bit harder, a bit colder? Maybe my recovery has made me a bit too cautious and jaded?

I did not even imagine love ACTUALLY coming my way again (or maybe sometime soon) until someone said it to my face.

Thanks, Katie... you're very kind... thanks for making me realize this.

Nawa'y magdilang anghel ka :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I just saw Glee Season 2, Ep 6 "Never Been Kissed"

I was loving Kurt Hummel's lines! The confrontation was amazing! THIS is a way to stand up to bullies:

You gonna hit me? Do it! Because it's not gonna change who I am. You can't punch the gay outta me anymore than I can punch the ignoramus out of you! You are nothing but a scared little boy who can't handle how extraordinarily ordinary you are!!!



Eyebrows raised to ceiling now...

Oh my god!




I never saw THAT coming...

But THAT was great!!!

THAT was totally great!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm just a sweet transvestite... and more

TODAY IS THE DAY! Kurt gets a boyfriend on Glee!!!

He is Darren Criss and he's just cute as a button! His face has that quirkiness that I think matches Kurt's character. Well, we'll see later won't we?

The entire gay Twitverse and Gaylandia for that matter is abuzz with this week's ep of Glee. This cute video was being posted gay after gay (as in one gay guy after another! haha)!

BUT before we even go there, let me pay tribute to last week's episode that has got me clicking and clicking over and over again! THE ROCKY HORROR episode!!!

Now mind you, I'm nnot such a big fan of this ep. I feel like the plot was weak and it actually seems like they forced the theme for Halloween. The ep did not even help much in pushing the character arches and sub-plots.

This ep's best points:

Chrod Overstreet's abs

Chord Overstreet's man-meat scrumptuous hotness and almost-"nutage" exposure

Chord Overstreet's man-meat hotness AND his LIPSSSSS!!!

Chord, you need to work on those legs, honey.

Matthew Morrison strpping

Kinky Matthew Morrison sequence

Matthew Morrison's perfectly groomed chest-fur and yes, the pec-grabbing! you gotta love the pec-grabbing!

And best of all, THIS SONG:

It's zow divatastic, nakaka-LSS. which is NOT a good thing.

I went out the other day to buy ice cream and on my way t the store, I was humming the chorus "I'm just a sweet transvestite..." and I swear, it's embarrassing!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Incoming: BURLESQUE!

I just got wind of this!


Lemme count the ways:


2. Cam Gigandet!

3. My god, the goddess of immortality in gay mythology (dahil 40 years later may career pa rin sya), the fabulous hag who recently re-graced the cover of Vanity Fair, CHER!!!

(OK, so she looks frighteningly NOT human in the movie and her cover shot is a Photoshop miracle BUT I still love her!)

And just for reference, check out one of her older covers of Vanity Fair (back when she still had most of her face worth in muscle, bones and skin and not... candle wax!)

o di ba? parang Cherie Gil ang fezlak ni lola? sayang mukha na syang galing ng wax museum ngayon...

4. Christina Aguilera! (love her voice, hate her acting, but love her voice) Let's see if she can dance na this time or dadaanin natin ito sa magic with editing! hahaha.

Nevertheless, I think she pulls off the riswue look quite well (hpefully NOT as wild as the Moulin Rouge video)

And of course there's bound to be lots of crazy-ass HOTT dancing on the movie and most likely lots of gaytastic diva-ness tunes too!

WHEW! Topless men na lang ang kulang perfect 10 na sya for gayest movie of the year!

Here, watch the trailer and get excited with me:

Kinilabutan ako ng slight dun sa part na FINALLY bumirit na si Christina! WHEW! divalicious
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