Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sometimes I have the freakiest dreams.

I went to bed last night at around 2am.

I was feeling really tired and my body felt so heavy that I don't remember falling asleep na. As in straight to Zzzz-land the moment I hit the bed

Next thing I know, I was cold, as in freezing.

I was surprised to find myself standing. I looked down on my feet and i was wearing my cross trainers.

I was wearing my running shorts and cut-offs too.

I was standing in the middle of the track oval in the middle of the night.

It was very dark. There were no lights coming from the buildings or the lamp posts.

In my head I was asking myself how I got there? Was I sleepwalking?

And I was doing nothing... just standing there... waiting...

I was standing there for a long while, the wind cold and strong. Parang uulan.

Then all of sudden I felt someone was watching me from behind...

I felt him (oo, as in for some reason, alam kong lalaki yung palapit) approach.

And just when I was about to turn around, I was jolted awake by this loud noise that sounded like a cough and a rolling thunder at the same time

I was back in my bed, wearing my T-shirt and covered in my blanket, my eyes wide open but my body heavy as if made of lead.

My eyes were wide open.

I was trying to figure out where the sound came from.

It sounded like a man coughing, but it was too deep and heavy, and loud to be just a cough.

It was a sound so intense it literally shook me.

My eyes were going around the room, looking for the source, all the time thinking, "God forbid I find a man standing at the foot of my bed."

Then light started filling the cracks of my door.

Someone was turning on the living room lights, it seems.

I was paralyzed, I cannot move. I can only look

Then I heard whispers.

Someone was in my ear...

Or was it a sound coming from my mom's room?

But I can feel her breath...

I cannot really understand what she was saying. She was whispering very fast with that old woman's scratchy voice.

Was it French? Latin?

It was all unintelligible...

Then she switched to Tagalog, "May tao sa sala natin..." she said.

"...Patayin mo sila," the voice whispered.

And in my head, I was like, "Oh my God! may magnanakaw!?!"

I don't exactly know how it happened...

All i remember was that I found our kitchen knife gripped tightly in my left hand.

I stood from my bed.

Knife raised and poised to stab

And I was going out of my room.

And I was going to kill that person in our living room.


I woke up.

I was in my bed.

I was wearing my T-shirt and tucked under my blanket.

There was no knife in my hand.

There was no man at the foot of my bed

There was no light coming from the living room

No voices in my head.

Just the light in my window from a car passing by.

It was 3am.


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