Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hindi pa rin ako over sa Britney Spears episode ng Glee.

I think I have seen it for, like, 10 times na since Tuesday (I watch it alsmot everyday since! haha)

Can I just say Heather Morris, who plays the character Brittany (S. Pierce! HILLARIOUS!!!) is SMOKIN' HOTTTTT!!!!

I mean just look at her, she's the perfect blonde bombshell!

She can be sweet and sunshine-y

Then she can be SIZZLING:



On top of that, it's also obvious that she's got talent: she can act (though theBrittany dits character is not really challenging), she can sing (though her voice could be much much stronger, or digitally enhanced), and she can DANCE (LIKE FOR REALZ!!!)

And look at her abs:

They can fucking KILL

And she can dance like hell!


I swear she can give thee REAL Britney Spears a run for her money!

And I think after this episode, this girl better have career!

AGAIN, noh, can't get over how good a dancer she is. I feel though her voice could be a little stronger (nothing heaps of digital adjustment can't solve ~ palarng Britney Spears lang talaga)

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