Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Isn't it about time for my turn?

We went to an office friend's house us to sorta hang out.

It's weird that we work in the same office, work in the same dept, work in the same team, sit beside each other and we hardly get to see each other for, like, DAYS. We're THAT busy! It's crazy!

We got some KFC and DVDs. The moment the show started playing I realized that not only was I the only gay dude in the group (which was never an issue), I'm also the only one who's precariously single.


Makes me wanna slit my wrists.

Not that, you know, I'm bitching about getting a new BF... nor do I feel it's unfair that I was so easily replaced, but you know, it's been more than 5 months now (10 months actually, if you count the official date). Don't you think it's about timefor my turn now?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Make-up Sunday Part 2

I haven't really followed through with this series, haven't I?

Well anyway, next week's Halloween week already. AND all the parties will be rolling in as well as with Fashion Week.

So I've been planning out my outfits and costumes for the coming week and of course, my make-up.

Check this out:


There's this Halloween Party on Thursday and it's theme is Vampires/Glam goth. I already have bits and pieces to use for the costume (mostly recycled from past costumes but restyled appropriately) and I wwas thinking of going as toned down Lolita Goth... Not so much of the Lolita part as I don't have the ruffle-y skirt (YET)

Something like this, probably:

Now for the make-up, I found this tutorial and it's REALLY vamp-y!

Now I don't have the products necessary to pull-off this look, which is a bit of a downer, but I'm looking at ways to improvise.... heehee


Now, I promised myself that I'll go out with a bang in the office. And since we won't have a Halloween party (like we did last year) I promised myself that I'll have my own costume party! (aka I'll go to work in drag and go on a rampage. hahaha)

I wanted to go as a slutty bride (which is actually a white remix of the Lolita Goth):

Well, it''s very effective for Mariah since, you know, she plays the slut quite well. Hahahaha!

Now I found this awesome smoky purple make-up which is perfect drag make-up for this look:

OK, this is a bit fo a stretch, really since I don't have the costume YET. Haaaay, it's so hard be fabulous noh?

Anyway, the original idea is to do a Peaches Christ look but, it takes MAJOR effort:

She's one of the queens in this music video:

The transformation was just amazing!

Now I found a couple of make-up tutorials that may not be used for my immediate needs but I think are very doable in the future:


Now, the good thing about this is that I already have the palette (thanks to Happy!). The bad news is that it's sooooooo colorful that I don't think I can wear this without getting beaten up for being too gay (metaphorically speaking).

But it's FAB! Perfect for one of my gender-bender looks. Hahahaha!


Now browns and neutral;s are my friends. They go well with my skin tone and they are not too overpowering. Actually, I use them all the time! Hahaha. I'm perfecting my skill in doing the no-make-up make-up to avoid looking like a drag queen ALL THE TIME. Hahaha And I think I;m kinda getting there.

Now this smoky Chocolate look is just fab! It's a bit too dramatic though and the shimmer and glitter is a bit too much but what the heck! I can wear this, probably in some fashion show or evening event just for kicks! hahaha:


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Do you have that sense of Arrive?

Not that I'm promoting my brand, noh... BUT this is something that really got me VERY excited.

So we had a shoot a couple of months ago. Details I cannot spill as of yet BUT I will definitely blog on a separate post.

ANYWAY, It was an early call time, it was a hot and humid day, and we were 3 Iwata fans short.


Tunginuuuuuhhhhhh he was a walking hard on!

I can't help but steal a couple of shots!!!


He was a walking wet dream!

Grabe, I though I'll get an orgasm just staring at his half naked body during lunch!!


Tissue please!

Monday, October 18, 2010

anong level ng kabaklushan mo?

wala ng level-level. i DEFINE kabaklushan! hahahaha

Ask me anything

What if Venus Raj answered in Bekimon?

Habang nanonood ng Miss Universe humirit si Evan, ang PR writer namin: "Ang daya ng may interpreter... kasi nakakapag-isip ng sagot yung contestant while her answer is being translated."

At dahil bakla kaming dalawa ni Roro, gumana na ang aming imahinasyon...

Roro: Paano kung si Venus may interpreter? Baka napag-isipan pa niya ang sagot niya...

Evan: At saka pwede pang pagandahin ng interpreter yung sagot kasi tayo-tayo lang naman ang makakaintindi ng sasabihin niya...

Ako: Paano kung vekler pala magsalita si Venus? Paano kung si BEKIMON pala ang interpreter niya?


Judge: What is the one mistake you made in your life and what did you do to make it right?

Venus: AAAAAAY! Bongalore ang tanongchi mez, teh! Wet lang vekler, jisip muna aketchiwa...

Interpreter: Thank you for that wonderful question...

Venus: Ahhh.... WIT! Wakado na ang ganitrez na eksena! Witchelles na drama-rama! Gora lang ng gora! Fightsung lang ng fightsung!

Interpreter: I believe that she's trying to say that she regrets not a single thing she has done in the past and considers non of the decisions she'd made a mistake. Instead, she faces everything heads on with the determination and commitment knowing that everything she will be doing is in accordance to the love and values that her family has instilled in her

Venus: Benga ka teh! Award!

Interpreter: Thank you very much!


Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Hindi na masama"

May humingi ng (face) pictures ko sa PR.

Pinadala ko naman.

Ito ang reply sakin ni bakla:

Hindi ko maintindihan kung compliment ba yun o hinde...

Naloka lang ako.

Yun lang

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Love at first sight

EKSENA: sa YM kausap si Gen

Oliver: Gusto ko magyosi... kaso nasa bahay ako

Gen: Enough with the bisyo teh. Dapat fresh ka lagi. Malay mo makabannga mo lovelife mo eh kung wasted ka? anu nah! Aura dapat!

Oliver: Sa movies lang nangyayari yang nakakasalubong ang lablayp. Di yan totoo sa tunay na buhay.

Gen: ang nega! asan ang GV!

Oliver: Hindi ka kasi bakla, kaya hindi mo maintindihan. Kung may makasalubong man ako, booking ang bagsak nun, di yun lablayp. HELLER

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hindi pa rin ako over sa Britney Spears episode ng Glee.

I think I have seen it for, like, 10 times na since Tuesday (I watch it alsmot everyday since! haha)

Can I just say Heather Morris, who plays the character Brittany (S. Pierce! HILLARIOUS!!!) is SMOKIN' HOTTTTT!!!!

I mean just look at her, she's the perfect blonde bombshell!

She can be sweet and sunshine-y

Then she can be SIZZLING:



On top of that, it's also obvious that she's got talent: she can act (though theBrittany dits character is not really challenging), she can sing (though her voice could be much much stronger, or digitally enhanced), and she can DANCE (LIKE FOR REALZ!!!)

And look at her abs:

They can fucking KILL

And she can dance like hell!


I swear she can give thee REAL Britney Spears a run for her money!

And I think after this episode, this girl better have career!

AGAIN, noh, can't get over how good a dancer she is. I feel though her voice could be a little stronger (nothing heaps of digital adjustment can't solve ~ palarng Britney Spears lang talaga)

Sometimes I have the freakiest dreams.

I went to bed last night at around 2am.

I was feeling really tired and my body felt so heavy that I don't remember falling asleep na. As in straight to Zzzz-land the moment I hit the bed

Next thing I know, I was cold, as in freezing.

I was surprised to find myself standing. I looked down on my feet and i was wearing my cross trainers.

I was wearing my running shorts and cut-offs too.

I was standing in the middle of the track oval in the middle of the night.

It was very dark. There were no lights coming from the buildings or the lamp posts.

In my head I was asking myself how I got there? Was I sleepwalking?

And I was doing nothing... just standing there... waiting...

I was standing there for a long while, the wind cold and strong. Parang uulan.

Then all of sudden I felt someone was watching me from behind...

I felt him (oo, as in for some reason, alam kong lalaki yung palapit) approach.

And just when I was about to turn around, I was jolted awake by this loud noise that sounded like a cough and a rolling thunder at the same time

I was back in my bed, wearing my T-shirt and covered in my blanket, my eyes wide open but my body heavy as if made of lead.

My eyes were wide open.

I was trying to figure out where the sound came from.

It sounded like a man coughing, but it was too deep and heavy, and loud to be just a cough.

It was a sound so intense it literally shook me.

My eyes were going around the room, looking for the source, all the time thinking, "God forbid I find a man standing at the foot of my bed."

Then light started filling the cracks of my door.

Someone was turning on the living room lights, it seems.

I was paralyzed, I cannot move. I can only look

Then I heard whispers.

Someone was in my ear...

Or was it a sound coming from my mom's room?

But I can feel her breath...

I cannot really understand what she was saying. She was whispering very fast with that old woman's scratchy voice.

Was it French? Latin?

It was all unintelligible...

Then she switched to Tagalog, "May tao sa sala natin..." she said.

"...Patayin mo sila," the voice whispered.

And in my head, I was like, "Oh my God! may magnanakaw!?!"

I don't exactly know how it happened...

All i remember was that I found our kitchen knife gripped tightly in my left hand.

I stood from my bed.

Knife raised and poised to stab

And I was going out of my room.

And I was going to kill that person in our living room.


I woke up.

I was in my bed.

I was wearing my T-shirt and tucked under my blanket.

There was no knife in my hand.

There was no man at the foot of my bed

There was no light coming from the living room

No voices in my head.

Just the light in my window from a car passing by.

It was 3am.

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