Friday, September 3, 2010

On Dating

It just hit me that it's been quite some time since I went out on a date.

Not the booking kind of date but a date DATE: the no sex (yet), getting to know you, dinner-coffee, let's do something fun and crazy kind of a date.

Then I think of:

  1. The amount of time spent on prettifying, talking, and bonding with someone who I probably will get bored with in a few weeks
  2. The amount of money spent on dates (I mean, hello, the food, drinks, etc etc)
  3. The effort poured on trying to impress someone, picking the most impressive outfit, etc.

I'm NOT desperate naman to jump into a new relationship.

And I'm actually enjoying this rediscovered freedom.

I realized, I'd rather buy a nice pair of shoes instead!

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