Sunday, August 22, 2010

Raving about Taeyang (aka: Homaygulay tunaw na naman ang panty kez)

I stumbled upon this guy a couple of days ago.

Needless to say like a crystal queen on a binge, I spent the entire day yesterday gushing about his abs biceps hotness talent

(eherm wipes drool off the side of mouth)

This was the first video I saw

Sobrang galing ng sayaw!
OK ang acting nila sa video and can I just say,
the story REALLY just hits that soft spot...
I wanna cuddle him up and comfort him... awwww... come here baby... (hahaha)

AY SUSME! wa na!

As in nag-spontaneously combust ang panties ko and went through all forms of matter on its own (solid, liquid, then gas!)


Let's get the obvious shit out of the way, shall we?

I'm NOT really into 'Asian'-looking guys (with the exception of THESE GUYS). I'm not really into the whole chinky-eyed thing (no offense) and Taeyang has got MAJOR chinks but just look at him:

His "west-coast" angas look is rather... pffffttttt but I swear! he's got that SWAGGER that sends shivers down my spine... down to my... happy place!


Then look at him when he smiles:

Just look at that smile and tell me he doesn't melt your heart!

Face aside, CHECK NA CHECK NA CHECKWABOOM ang vorta ni kuya:


Akin na ang cheezewhiz!

JUSKOPO! Ilabas na ang kutsara at tinidor!



Susme!!! ang sarap lang!!





wait lang hiningal ako dun.


Sobrang lakas lang talaga ng appeal ni kuya!

Gwapo na, sarap ganda pa ng katawan...

But the REAL icing on the cake is that, on top of his obvious panty-melting good looks, he's got TALENT!!!

As in serious, major, no-joke, makalaglag pangang dance moves and voice!

Just watch his other videos:

Sobrang lupit ng moves niya dito!

Angas lang ng arrive ni kuya dito! shet!

His latest video, di ko masyadong bet but it gets really HOT on the latter part

Dedmahin na lang natin si Sandara, pwede? Ang importante ung first part ng video

At first,k there was that part of me, which thinks all of THIS is just very well done packaging.

But you know what? you can't deny it when someone just HAS IT!

And boy has HE GOT IT! MAJAH!!

I mean, you know... the TALENT.

Check out his live performance:

There's no denying that he's on talented kid...

Dito sa performance na ito tuluyang na-disintegrate ang panties ko to the molecular level:

In fairness napatili din ako nung tinaggal niya yung shades niya at 00:25

And all throughout the performance ay nagtititili at nagtatalon ako sa upuan ko! hahaha

It' just difficult not to be OBSESSED with this guy, I mean, he's the COMPLETE PACKAGE



and TALENT to boot!

Wala ka ng hahanapin pang iba...

maliban sa pag-ibig nya:


I heard that he'll be having a concert in Korea this September and for a moment I was seriously considering flying out just to watch him PERFORRRRMMMM!!!

But then he messaged me via Twitter and said, "Babe, don't bother na, I'll give a PRIVATE performance when we see each other... soon"


Cia, I have to go na, baby's kinda tired na from working out...

JUSMIYO! delusions talaga...


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  1. slurp.. sandali... tumulo ang laway ko,. sandali pupunasan ko muna yung sahig!


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