Saturday, August 21, 2010

Miss Universe National Costume Craziness part 4

As the last part to this chrinicle, I just wanted to highlight some of the candidates who are not exactly CRAZY, and not exactly WOW. As Kat would say, "they are note even ugly-pretty, they're just ugly-ugly".

And they're not ugly-crazy either. They are not funny nor amusing

they just make u say, "WTF!?!"

LEBANON: I swear this was used as a costume in some old fairy tale... but... ??? I'm just confused.

CHINA: It looks like something she wore just the other day while out in the market buying noodles...

And the heeels! OMG, Can I just, THOSE HEELS!! ugh they make me wanna commit harakiri!

PHILIPPINES: I love Venus raj. I'm so proud of her and I'm sure it's not her fault that she's wearing this but if I have to be objective I hafta say, THAT'S ONE UGLY CHEAP-ASS LOOKING MOTHER FUCKING DRESS!!!

I swear it stinks of sabotage!

And last but not the least:

SINGAPORE: Teh, sumali ka pa talaga?

1 comment:

  1. from raizel: natawa ko sa comment mo kay ms singapore.
    wahahaha! winner!


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