Saturday, August 21, 2010

Miss Universe National Costume Craziness part 3

Seriously, though, I don;t want it to seem like I'm just bashing the girls at Miss U, coz there are some national costumes that are REALLY classy and well-made and are not full of shiz and fizzle.

Here are some of my faves:

THAILAND: It looks REALLY thematic but it's done beautifully and it still retains the exoticness of their culture without making a spectacle or a joke out of it.

SRI LANKA: Simple, great use of colors and textures, very nice silhouette. exotic yet classy.

GREECE: Woah! Ikaw na ang Greek Goddess (the styling could've been better though, the hair is just limp!)

RUSSIA: The color and the silhouette could've been updated to look a bit younger (especially with such a drag mono-chromatic palette) but otherwise, she looks like a REAL Czarina.

PUERTO RICO: Giant flower on her shoulder aside, the costume looks REALLY pretty. SShe looks like a real-life Tinkerbell!

NEW ZEALAND: Love the length and pleating of her dress; could've been a bit larger than life and the top could've been improved tremendously but I say the over-all look is VERY VERY nice :)

CANADA: May not necessarily be a WOW costume BUT I'm diggin the whole Ice Queen Look. :D

Up NEXT: last batch na... some costumes that are NOT even outrageously funny nor are they exemplary breath taking...

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