Sunday, August 8, 2010

Make-up Sunday

It's no secret that I'm not shy, in the slightest, of being a beauty product baby:

I've been following a lot of make-up tutorials on Youtube and I'm making Sunday my official make-up day for the Becky Broadcast.

So as my initial post, I'm sharing with y'all a couple of looks that I really REALLY love (and hope to do in the future):

Syempre, unang una na jan si Ate Michelle Phan na sa dami ng subscribers and hits ay kinuhang some sorta ambassador ng Lancome:

I love the way she produces her videos.

I especially like how she explains the principles behind doing the make-up other than the products she used and how she used them. Also, she's Asian so yung mga ginagawa ni ate ay largely applicable sa akin ^___^

I especially love this look coz it's ZOW dramatic! I ccan see myself in drag and wearing this eye make-up :)

Here's an earlier video which has the same feel as the Moonlight make-up:

Smart di ba, to get inspiration from the Aurora Borealis? Slightly mas eerie lang itech parang OK siya pang all-black na gown...

I also love this New Years Eve tutorial that she did (though it's a bit too sparkly for my taste and mukha siyang mas mahirap gawin):

I love how she did the colors of her eyes in this Summer make-up tutorial that she did:

Now aside from Michelle, I regularly follow the girls of Pixiwoo (i really don;t know their names). The make-up that they do is NOT for Asian skin but I just love how quirky these girls are. AND THE ACCENT! my god, i;m in love with their accent.

Here's a couple of recent makeup tutorials that I love:

This was the first pixiwoo tutorial that I saw while searching for Kate Moss. I fell in love with the accent, that's it:

I wanna do this some time, if only my face is not THAT oily:

If I had pale skin, I'm so TOTALLY doing this:

I love how sophisticated this one looks:

The funny thing about these girls is that they really don;t look human AFTER they've done their make-up... tee-hee! DRAGTASTIC!!!

The thing with these girls, too, is that, unlike Michelle, most of their stuff are "inspired" from movies, fashion shows, music videos, and celebrities. SO they don;t really come up with their own shit all the time. BUT when they do, they tend to be a bit crazy and over the top

This next girl... Hmmm.. I wouldn't say that she LOOKS like a beauty expert... but she'd goodd at what she does:

And she actually looks amazing once she's finished her make-up:

AND her looks are more wearable too :)

Well that's it for no...

It's siesta time na..



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