Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Office Hours

"hachoo" says my phone.

May nagtext!

Anonymous number...

"Hi sir oliver. I'm [name] from [company]. I got your number from [name dropping]. We have a proposal for your company and I was wondering if I can call you up to discuss the details of this proposal?"


Sabi ng laptop ko, 9:22PM na

sagot ako...

"It's 9pm. Alam mo yung tinatawagna office hours?"

Sa tingin ba ng mga tao e SHIFTING na lahat ng trabaho ngayon kahit na corporate?

At nasa itsura ko ba ang maging mabait, polite, at entertaining pag inaantok?

Unless I knew him personally, or he was someone who's really HOT, he has no business asking for an audience at 9pm.

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