Sunday, August 22, 2010

I can no longer write

I haven't written something articulate in such a looooooong time.

My thoughts have been all over the place and I've been struggling to find my zen.

And that's why I created an account in tumblr (Please follow me there as well) coz I feel like I don't REALLY need to write as much here as compared to THAT platform and yet get the same sense of fulfillment if I actually DID any real writing...

The truth of the matter is... sometimes I feel lost.

It's like watching your feet while walking; seeing them lift and land one after another. It's amusing and you have a feeling that you have a grasp of what's going on. But then you bump head first into a pole coz you weren't watching where you're going.

See what I mean? Trying to make some sense = fail.

I've been living my life one day at a time and sometimes I just don't REALLY know where I'm headed.

They say enjoy the journey but now I feel like a drugged hippie on a road trip.

I used to believe that my life is entertaining, or at least my point of view in life is entertaining, but now I just want it to make some sense.

I realized that I can easily find pleasure in almost anything.

I realized that I can easily find fulfillment, I just have to choose my battles.

But I can't piece things together... yet...

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