Sunday, August 1, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

It's no secret that I despise Miley Cyrus.

I hate Hannah Montanna and I absolutely despise her irritatingly hampster-ish (no offense to hampsters) face. I mean just look at her:


And let's not even talk about the PUKE-INDUCING ones:

I never thought to see the day that I'd actually post a photo of a GIRL in this blog!

HENIWEI, my hatred for the bitch aside...

I just wanna say, sobrang feel ko ang bago nyang song and video:

The over-all sound is very catchy! It almost sounds like something Britney would sing!

I swear, ito lang ata ang kaisa-isang song nya na nilagay ko pa talaga sa iPod ko... (Maliban sa The Climb, kasi Recovery Song ko din yun, hehehe)

And the video! In fairness kay ate, nagmukha siyang slightly disente sa over-all cocept ng video and sa styling sa kanya.

Although, it is, once again, very Britney-ish... think, "I'm a Slave for You"

I tried researching the director (Robert Hales) and the choreographer (Jamal Sims) and I didn't sense anything remarkable about them that could've affected this kind of turn in Miley;s image (so definitely has to be management or record label).

Robert Hales, Apparently directed one Britney video but the treatment is waaaay too far from this one:

Jenny Hemingway, yun lang.

I still hate Miley, though.


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