Saturday, August 28, 2010

Commuter Cutie 015: Sleeping Cutie

Nakasakay ako sa bus papasok ng office kahapon.

Usually dun ako sa tatluhang upuan naupo para iwas sa init ng araw.

Pero may na-sight ako na cute na naka-nurse's uniform!

You know naman how much I like nurses! LOL!

So tumabi ako sa kanya:

Mahimbing ang tulog ni kuya, mejo nakapaling ang mukha niya sakin

Hmmmmm... kissable lips (as in kung may sayad siguro ako, baka hinalikan ko na ito! hahaha)

Maputi at mukhang malinis (dapat lang kse nurse sya)

Sayang kailangan ko ng bumaba ng bus. sasamahan ko sana siya hanggang sa bahay at mukhang antok na antok na sya



I woke up to a buzzing noise (which was apparently just in my head).

The clock says it's past 1pm...


I'm in my bed! How did I get here?

The last thing I remember is dancing on the ledge at Republiq and a bouncer asking me to step down and me dancing on the couch.

Then the feeling of strong arms around me

Then blank...


SHET! My shoes!

Oh god, please don't tell me I puked on my shoes...


FACK! where's my bag???

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Taeyang TV part 1

Hindi ako obsessed kay bebe Taeyang.

I swear!

I stumbled into this YouTube channel and apparently TaeYang had some sort of a documentary about his launch (Good work, Record Label!)

And I have to say, it's very interesting to watch.

The entire first episode is here (There's 4 apparently)


Panay ang ngiti ni kuya, nakaka-in love lang! haha

INTERESTING POINT: He has never dated (daw!) shet! Kuyam want me to tech u? hahaha

YUCK! si Sandara! EEEWWW! BARF!

ang tarush lang ng personal trainer nya, CAN I JUST SAY!?!

"One of my goals for 2010 is to get a girlfriend"
SOunds like Record Label propaganda to get more girls to follow Taeyang. I rather doiubt that someone who looks THAT hot would be single for long...
Unless of course... ;)

Oh god, now the dancing starts!!!

Oh god, now he's singing live... I'm gonna die

There's a couple more episodes :)

I'll try to post them the coming days :)

I can no longer write

I haven't written something articulate in such a looooooong time.

My thoughts have been all over the place and I've been struggling to find my zen.

And that's why I created an account in tumblr (Please follow me there as well) coz I feel like I don't REALLY need to write as much here as compared to THAT platform and yet get the same sense of fulfillment if I actually DID any real writing...

The truth of the matter is... sometimes I feel lost.

It's like watching your feet while walking; seeing them lift and land one after another. It's amusing and you have a feeling that you have a grasp of what's going on. But then you bump head first into a pole coz you weren't watching where you're going.

See what I mean? Trying to make some sense = fail.

I've been living my life one day at a time and sometimes I just don't REALLY know where I'm headed.

They say enjoy the journey but now I feel like a drugged hippie on a road trip.

I used to believe that my life is entertaining, or at least my point of view in life is entertaining, but now I just want it to make some sense.

I realized that I can easily find pleasure in almost anything.

I realized that I can easily find fulfillment, I just have to choose my battles.

But I can't piece things together... yet...

Raving about Taeyang (aka: Homaygulay tunaw na naman ang panty kez)

I stumbled upon this guy a couple of days ago.

Needless to say like a crystal queen on a binge, I spent the entire day yesterday gushing about his abs biceps hotness talent

(eherm wipes drool off the side of mouth)

This was the first video I saw

Sobrang galing ng sayaw!
OK ang acting nila sa video and can I just say,
the story REALLY just hits that soft spot...
I wanna cuddle him up and comfort him... awwww... come here baby... (hahaha)

AY SUSME! wa na!

As in nag-spontaneously combust ang panties ko and went through all forms of matter on its own (solid, liquid, then gas!)


Let's get the obvious shit out of the way, shall we?

I'm NOT really into 'Asian'-looking guys (with the exception of THESE GUYS). I'm not really into the whole chinky-eyed thing (no offense) and Taeyang has got MAJOR chinks but just look at him:

His "west-coast" angas look is rather... pffffttttt but I swear! he's got that SWAGGER that sends shivers down my spine... down to my... happy place!


Then look at him when he smiles:

Just look at that smile and tell me he doesn't melt your heart!

Face aside, CHECK NA CHECK NA CHECKWABOOM ang vorta ni kuya:


Akin na ang cheezewhiz!

JUSKOPO! Ilabas na ang kutsara at tinidor!



Susme!!! ang sarap lang!!





wait lang hiningal ako dun.


Sobrang lakas lang talaga ng appeal ni kuya!

Gwapo na, sarap ganda pa ng katawan...

But the REAL icing on the cake is that, on top of his obvious panty-melting good looks, he's got TALENT!!!

As in serious, major, no-joke, makalaglag pangang dance moves and voice!

Just watch his other videos:

Sobrang lupit ng moves niya dito!

Angas lang ng arrive ni kuya dito! shet!

His latest video, di ko masyadong bet but it gets really HOT on the latter part

Dedmahin na lang natin si Sandara, pwede? Ang importante ung first part ng video

At first,k there was that part of me, which thinks all of THIS is just very well done packaging.

But you know what? you can't deny it when someone just HAS IT!

And boy has HE GOT IT! MAJAH!!

I mean, you know... the TALENT.

Check out his live performance:

There's no denying that he's on talented kid...

Dito sa performance na ito tuluyang na-disintegrate ang panties ko to the molecular level:

In fairness napatili din ako nung tinaggal niya yung shades niya at 00:25

And all throughout the performance ay nagtititili at nagtatalon ako sa upuan ko! hahaha

It' just difficult not to be OBSESSED with this guy, I mean, he's the COMPLETE PACKAGE



and TALENT to boot!

Wala ka ng hahanapin pang iba...

maliban sa pag-ibig nya:


I heard that he'll be having a concert in Korea this September and for a moment I was seriously considering flying out just to watch him PERFORRRRMMMM!!!

But then he messaged me via Twitter and said, "Babe, don't bother na, I'll give a PRIVATE performance when we see each other... soon"


Cia, I have to go na, baby's kinda tired na from working out...

JUSMIYO! delusions talaga...


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Miss Universe National Costume Craziness part 4

As the last part to this chrinicle, I just wanted to highlight some of the candidates who are not exactly CRAZY, and not exactly WOW. As Kat would say, "they are note even ugly-pretty, they're just ugly-ugly".

And they're not ugly-crazy either. They are not funny nor amusing

they just make u say, "WTF!?!"

LEBANON: I swear this was used as a costume in some old fairy tale... but... ??? I'm just confused.

CHINA: It looks like something she wore just the other day while out in the market buying noodles...

And the heeels! OMG, Can I just, THOSE HEELS!! ugh they make me wanna commit harakiri!

PHILIPPINES: I love Venus raj. I'm so proud of her and I'm sure it's not her fault that she's wearing this but if I have to be objective I hafta say, THAT'S ONE UGLY CHEAP-ASS LOOKING MOTHER FUCKING DRESS!!!

I swear it stinks of sabotage!

And last but not the least:

SINGAPORE: Teh, sumali ka pa talaga?

Miss Universe National Costume Craziness part 3

Seriously, though, I don;t want it to seem like I'm just bashing the girls at Miss U, coz there are some national costumes that are REALLY classy and well-made and are not full of shiz and fizzle.

Here are some of my faves:

THAILAND: It looks REALLY thematic but it's done beautifully and it still retains the exoticness of their culture without making a spectacle or a joke out of it.

SRI LANKA: Simple, great use of colors and textures, very nice silhouette. exotic yet classy.

GREECE: Woah! Ikaw na ang Greek Goddess (the styling could've been better though, the hair is just limp!)

RUSSIA: The color and the silhouette could've been updated to look a bit younger (especially with such a drag mono-chromatic palette) but otherwise, she looks like a REAL Czarina.

PUERTO RICO: Giant flower on her shoulder aside, the costume looks REALLY pretty. SShe looks like a real-life Tinkerbell!

NEW ZEALAND: Love the length and pleating of her dress; could've been a bit larger than life and the top could've been improved tremendously but I say the over-all look is VERY VERY nice :)

CANADA: May not necessarily be a WOW costume BUT I'm diggin the whole Ice Queen Look. :D

Up NEXT: last batch na... some costumes that are NOT even outrageously funny nor are they exemplary breath taking...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Miss Universe National Costume Craziness part 2

Some of the costumes are just downright crazy....

Some of these girls are just crazy TOGETHER.

I mean, swords, spears, feathers, wings and murals-on-dresses. It's everywhere this year.

Were there only 3 people who did the national costumes this year?


SWITZERLAND: Hindi siya masyadong sure kung nais ba niyang maging gerl o warrior, so both na lang.

Naka-smile pa talaga si ate. Kumusta naman ang pag-project at paninindigan natin jan?

ITALY: Kumusta naman ang umii-Spartacus tayo ng slight?

O baka naman moriones lang?

At ito namang si ate, di papatalo, lalaban din siya, TRIBAL STYLE:

KOSOVO: Mukha siyang dugong bughaw na mangangaso... susme! nakakatakot ang golden skull sa ulo niya!

Saang dingding mo yan ninenok, teh?

BATTLE NO. 2 Birds of the same FEATHER make a good Feather Duster

I'm sure walang RSPCA sa mga bansa nila at malamang hinahabol din sila ng PETA delegation sa Las Vegas...

NICARAGUA: Nakaka-surprise, actually, na nakalusot sila sa airport... Don't the US have a law against bringing in of exotic half-dead animals?

HONDURAS: Itong si ate, feeling ko kasama talaga ito sa parada eh, perfect ba naman ang project. Feeling ko suot suot nya yan habang nililibot ang mga kakalsadahan sa honduras with a marching band behind her

PANAMA: Susme, girl! marami-raming manok ang ginilitan niya ng leeg dito! Feeling ko mga dalawang buwan nilang inulam sa bahay ang tinola...


Hindi nakuntento ang ilang candidates sa pa-feathers-feathers lang, dapat buong pakpak!

as in PHAK! PHAK!

ALBANIA: In fairness kay ate, siya na ang Victoria's Secret angel

At in fairness din sa umisip ng costume na ito, sexy na sya, pasok pa sa emblem ng bansa nila:

In fair!

VIRGIN ISLANDS: kaaah! kaaah!!!!


Napag-isipan ng mahusay!

Panalo ang arrows at ang stars!

At samahan pa natin ng hooker gold heels!

CLASSY! hahaha!

AAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNDDDDDD the winner and the costume that started it all, got me hooked up and researching and laughing my tight ass off (hahaha):

VENEZEULA: Two things that POPPED into my head:

Archangel, ang superhero na may metallic/blade-ish wings


Pangolin, some armored animal..

Nevertheless, VONGGER KA ATE!

Siya na ang beauty queen and SUPERHERO at the same time!

Walang makakatalo sa kanya dahil kayang kaya niyang hiwain na parang fish fillet ang kung sino mang aagwa ng kanyang award

kung sino man ang gumawa ng costume mo na yan, ate, paki-refer sa akin please, nais ko siyang maging kaibigan! hehehe

Sa susunod na post... costumes that, I think, were really done well. (and some that should not have been done at all!)

Miss Universe National Costume Craziness

Since I've been flooding my FB wall with my comments on the 2010 Miss universe National Costumes, I'll just compile everything here in the attempt to seem more organized.


DISCLAIMER: I'm no Miss universe expert (Sam, however, is). Their costumes are just sooo funny!!!

Marami silang nais kong chukchakin pero i the interest of time, unahin muna natin for this post yung mga kabag-inducing costumes, kei?


Para syang Bozanian Royalty na umusbong sa kakahuyan na may magic saya kung saan lumalabas ang portal papuntang paradise

SUSME! ang sakit sa bangs! Sister, wiz ko talaga mainitindihan!




Hindi magkandahulapos ang mga salitang pang-okray sa utak ko at sabay sabay silang bumubulusok di na kinakaya ng mga daliri ko!

JUSKO, teh!

In the name of everything that has taste, hanubanamanayangsuot mo!

Una sa lahat, ano naman ang significance ng tennis sa Belgium? yan ba ang inyong pambansang laro? Raketa ba ang inyong pambansang maskara?


At parang di niya kinayang panindigan ang kagagahan niya at nainggit sya sa ibang mga kandidata at nagsuksok siya ng tatlong rolyo ng kumot sa kanyang puwitan para maging bongga!

SUSME! Ewan ko seio teh!

Dominican Republic:

Parang nagnakaw pa sya ng poste sa Napocor!

Susme feeling ko e mage-emit siya ng kuryente any monument at sasabog ang buong lugar!

Or dumaan muna si ate sa pinakamalapit na science fair at pinutong sa ulo nya ang pinakamalapit na science project to match her horrid macrame skirt.


"Quick take a picture! I'm WILTING!!!!"


Unahin na natin ang obvious: HANGLAKI NG PAMAYPAY MO TEH!

ALam mo yung tinatawag na aircon? hahahaha

At ang kanyang costume: parang ninais niyang maging kimono pero spaghetti strap... FAIL


Presenting, ang poon ng mga artpaper:


Two words: ANG KATI!

The next one, has to be the WHACKEST costume of all, Zambia:

May bao ka na nga sa boobs, may etits ka pa sa saya!

JUSKO! hahaha!

SUSUNOD: may mga kandidatang nagchikahan bago rumampa! ayan, pare-pareho sila ng konsepto!

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