Friday, July 2, 2010

Of gay sappiness and dreams of slow dancing

This totally made me cry:

Wait till the 2:00 mark to see the romantic scene

A gay dance...

Haaay... It only breaks my heart.

You know I did not attend our prom. It was, during that time, a complete emotional disaster for me.

And I guess that's the reason why I've always dreamed of slow dancing with the man I love...

Holding his hand in mine, his hand on my (would be, slim) waist and my head on his chest (he should be THAT tall).

I can almost smell his sweet musky manly scent wafting as we slowly circle the floor.

He'd look dashing on his suit, and I'd be really fabulous in mine.

Oh, and THAT song is not helping at all!


Kinda like this as well:

wait for the 2:18 mark (i wouldn't mind doing the previous scene as well! haha)

Unfortunately, though, I've never slow danced with a guy I really care about...


Maybe the next guy that comes along would ask me to slow dance with him (hopefully not in a bar or club).

I'm being a sappy hopeless romantic again.


Naiinggit ako sa kanila:

At sa kanila:

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(Dear Tiggah, sorry I don;t know how to remove that watremark but photo credit totally goes to you)

I now feel like Snow white singing "Someday my Prince will come" and he'll have too much hair products and probably a thin layer of foundation and donning skinny jeans....


  1. Someday it's gonna cum...or come, sweetie. I'm sure of it. :-) But for now, please refrain from wandering aimlessly on a rainy weekday alone. Its not helping, magkaka-varicose veins ka lang teh. Sayang ang kutis.

  2. naiyak ako ulet dun sa kanta sa daybreak! Nako buy na talaga ako nyan!


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