Sunday, July 25, 2010

rainy afternoon = torture



I'm sleepy and a bit sentimental.

I was rummaging through old files and got inspired to do a timeline of myself (again) just for posterity's sake and because, well, I'm too lazy to do anything else.

This was what I ended up with:

While searching for old photos, I felt like a LOT of them are missing, hence I can't complete the full hair transformation.

I looked at my old MAXUS pics, my Talongs pics, HS friends, UP friends... not there...

Then I realized I deleted all my photos with my ex.

More than the missing photos, there's also that sinking feeling that I lost part of me...

Dedicating a good deal of time, effort, and energy on something that was not strong enough to withstand time 9not to mention distance).

This is a bit of a downer and the weather is not helping.

But I take this as a lesson learned.

Sabi nga sa Sailormoon, my future starts now (Sailormoon R episode 24! check niyo pa!)...

Well, actually, it started last month with a brutal confirmation.

Rebuilding takes time...

Pwede ba magpatulong sa Contractors ng Ayala Land para mejo mabilis ang rebuilding ko?

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