Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kylie and All the (gay) Lovers

Have you seen the new Kylie Minogue video?

If not, pwes lumabas ka na sa lungga mo at panoorin mo!!! watch it on youtube (embedding was disabled)

From slow motion spilling milk, to the first dude taking of his shirt, I knew from the start that this is gonna be a REALLY gay

And so the rest of the world (at least in that video) strips to their undies and starts making out!

In my head, I'm like, "YEAH!"

Sa unang tingin, akala mo ay puro "straight" yung couples until I saw this:

And from there sunod sunod na ang "intimate" gay scenes:

girl hand on girl ass, guy arm on another guy's neck who happens to be kissing him

Can you blame me if I wanna be in this orgy?

Hot couple! you can totally see they're into it (or they may be just two REALLY great straight actors)

This is zoomed in, so forgive the poor quality. see it? 3 guys all over each other...

There you go, girl on girl action!

Hello, Kelly!

Do i love it only because it's so gay and steamy? HELL YES!!!

Oh, and I love Kylie's Fashion as well:


I love her Top!!!

They're all so DRAGtastic!!!

Oh, and this video kinda reminds me of another REALLY gay Kylie video:

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